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How to kill yourself in Rust

How To Suicide in Rust

Have you ever played Rust? I hope so because it’s a fucking simulator of our future! Coronavirus will win and we will all be participants in this game! So those who have played Rust will have an advantage.

How to kill yourself in Rust

Rust is an open-world survival game with action/adventure and RPG elements combining DayZ and Minecraft. The project spent a long time on Steam Early Access, during which many things changed in the game, namely, the graphics and the details of the gameplay, but everything else remained the same. You should play in the midst of a huge, randomly generated map, fighting for their survival, and even thinking about how to kill yourself in rust.

In addition to skirmishes, battles with other players and animals, Rust also has a building process. Players must build shelters, and how they look will depend entirely on your imagination. Nobody bothers to build a huge castle, or, on the contrary, to confine itself to a small inconspicuous bunker ‒ there are enough resources and no one else is tempted by the treasures that can be stored in such a house.

The gameplay features of Rust are so different, that instead of fighting for survival, which is the main and only real goal in the game, you may wonder how to kill yourself in Rust.

There can be many ways to kill yourself in Rust, for example, you can get lost on the island, not knowing how to get home. In this case, the death of the character will help to return home if there is a bed or sleeping bag, however, all things in the backpack are irretrievably lost.

A sleeping bag (as well as a bed) is your place of resurrection. If you do not have a single sleeping bag or bed, then after the rust suicide command you will be resurrected in a random place on the beach.

Bags, Beds and Suicide command

You can pick up your bag and put it in any place. So rust kill command can be made to travel between your bags or beds. An easy way of traveling.

You can put a lot of sleeping bags, but all the bags within a radius of 20 foundations from the last used one will get the same rollback in 300 seconds. Beds in the game work just like sleeping bags, but have a smaller rollback of 120 seconds.

It may also be the usual urge to get home as soon as possible if there is nothing valuable in the backpack. And someone is just curious how the rust suicide command will affect the game.

Kill command. How it works and what it does

But the easiest and fastest rust suicide way is through the console. Open it use the proper command and admire the fucking result! 

How to enter the suicide command

Rust suicide command syntax (f1+kill)

Open the console by pressing the F1 key and enter “kill”. Then just press Enter

rust kill command

There are a lot of ways to suicide in Rust! Sometimes it’s enough to just do nothing, and there are always plenty of threatening factors. Here are predatory animals, mutants, other players, and places infected with radiation.

suicide rust

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