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LoL Dodge Penalty Rework: How Riot Reacts to Players Backlash

To cut a long story short, Riot backed up with its plan on changing the dodge penalties in League of Legends. Instead, they have decided to meet the players’ demands and will “refocus on reducing game ruining behavior and matchmaking improvements.” As if it would help.

league dodge

What is it about the LoL dodge game?

For the newbies out here. If you are playing League of Legends you might need a place to practice. Well, fans before you had created this game, based help LOL gamers like you develop reflexes to dodge, fly kites make them last hits count. Many cyber sport starts like Faker, Teemo, Ezreal, Vayne, Yasuo and Zed come here to develop their skills.

Best practice in LOL Dodge Game

We’ve gathered some fast tips and tricks for your perfect gameplay experience. With these your practicing will be way more effective and fun. 🙂


Your Matchmaking rating is a number that Riot uses to determine your skill and when matchmaking the skill of your opponent. To the MMR a fair match is a match in which both teams have 50 +/- 1% of winning. The longer you wait for a match, the further from your MMR your opponent will be.

The LP are league points and they are just a reflection of your MMR. Mostly used for bragging. The only reasonable point for LP are the cutoffs for promotion series, because demotions are based on MMR.

Are you winning son?

league dodge

Here we’ll take a look at what happens when you lose or win in the game. In the winning case you’ll gain around 12-22 LP. Your MMR gain depends on the type of win, for example winning on blue is worth more than winning on red, due to team MMR differences. Also an awesome performance on promo series (2-0; 3-0) helps MMR a lot.

In losing case, you’ll lose around 12 to 20 LP. Losing at LP 0 is the worst because it reverses MMR gains for dodging.

The penalties for dodging

You lose 3LP and get a 6 minute queue penalty. If you dodge second time, you’ll lose up to 10 LP, and get 30 minute queue penalty. No other punishments. And most importantly, you don’t use MRR for dodging.

How to check is someone tilted?

The first thing to look at the profile you want to check are the amount of deaths and kills for the last 5 days. If the player has less kills or less CS/Minute than their averages for that champion-they are likely tilted.

You can also check the tier graph on OP.GG for recent days. Try avoiding games with tilted teammates.

New patches that might be more player-friendly

If you have a chance to keep a few extra points with an early leave, well, you leave. Between losing 3PL and 18PL the choice is obvious. You have your dodge timer ticking, but at least you don’t have to play with ass-stupid teammates that ruined the draft. Or your ass begins burning barely three minutes after the game and you desperately need an ice bath. So, you leave.

The upcoming patches were promised to bring something new into the dodge penalty system. Riot made it clear it wanted things to become different. But guess what? Players didn’t want it to become different. The community feedback forced Riot to shove their changes right up their, hm, shelves.

The new dodge penalty system

Mark ‘Scruffy’ Yetter, the lead game designer, commented on the LoL penalty system changes. As he says, the game developers have a shitton of work to do before the new dodge penalty system can make its way into the actual game. Because, you know, one thing is to have a penalty in LoL if you dodge a game, and another is if the game dodges you. So the good guys, devs, want to make sure you don’t get screwed because of some bags of whatever.

league dodge

Yetter’s tweet from the beginning of April says that: “We’re backing away from dodge penalty increases. Hearing your feedback about the reasons that make you want to dodge convinced us that we can get more value [by] hitting those issues first. The team is refocusing on reducing game ruining behavior and matchmaking improvements.”

What exactly these vague sentences mean, nobody freaking knows for now. Let’s hope it will turn out decent. Riot has already made some steps in improving the game. Their latest tweaks with autofill and duo parity for ranked queues are supposed to bring balance, if not to the world, then to the team picks. So we can kinds expect it to work further this way. And I gotta say, I like where it’s all going. 

Tricking the penalty system? Not anymore

Riot had also got to fix the dodge timers. The LoL developers found that some of the fuckturds who call themselves LoL gamers figured out how to trick the penalty system. In devs’ term, it is a “misconfiguration in the dodge timers”, which players abused to get away from increasing penalties as they dodge games. No more fun for them, as this is going to be patched in one of the upcoming updates. 

But these are merely the changes Riot wanted to implement. The ramped-up “repeated dodge timeout” and LP penalties for dodges won’t come live in any near future. It is clear that Riot is trying to cut down the number of dodged in their beloved League, make them less frequent. However, as Scruffy comments, the devs listen to the players, and the community opinion matters. Amen.

So, at this point, you can without hesitation dodge the game, that makes you mad as hell, and take only -3LP. No extra penalty on you. Today. But who knows what the future prepares for us.

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