New OG CS:GO Team

More and more large organizations are gathering their CS: GO rosters. Recently, five NRGs were signed by Evil Geniuses, 100 Thieves and Misfits announced their desire to enter the discipline. Yesterday, appeared the information that OG, an organization whose Dota 2 team had won two The Internationals in a row, will have their CS: GO roster. One of the esports CS: GO will obtain a new team.

“For me, CS: GO is the king of FPS games, just like Dota 2 is the king of MOBA games. I play a little in CS: GO and I understand that the game requires a crazy skill and its deep understanding,” said the offliner and nominal head of the OG team Sebastien ‘Ceb’ Debs. “One cannot imagine esports without CS: GO, the game has already existed for about 20 years, and it will be for 20 years more. That’s why OG makes sense to become part of competitive CS: GO.”  

Johan ‘N0tail’ Sundstein, OG team captain, agreed with Debs and added, that although in-game tactics in games were very different, the teams would adhere to general principles. “OG and its values everywhere accompany us in all endeavors,” he says. “Dota is a whole world for us, and now new concerns will be added to this world.”

Ceb is also confident that OG will easily transfer its experience from Dota to CS: GO. “The spirit of competition is above all, and it will be Dota or CS: GO ‒ it doesn’t matter, the differences are insignificant,” he says. “Our experience, as well as the way we work at OG will certainly help the team.” 

These two players are key figures in the organization. They put all their experience to new achievements. They showed that they are ready to win again and again, and it matters in any game.

“We are committed to increasing interaction between players,” explains Ceb. “The CS: GO team can learn a lot from the Dota team, and vice versa. We are all high-level esportsmen and strive to become the best in our games. I look forward to what I can learn from them, and I am also happy to share my experience if they want to.”

“The OG CS: GO team is a separate unit and will certainly work on its own, but no matter what problems arise, we will always be ready to help,” adds N0tail. “I want them to take what I have achieved and show the world that this is not the limit.”

The lineup that the OG presented looks very cool: NBK, Aleksib, Valde, ISSAA, and mantuu. Most likely, such a team will not win two majors in a row, but it is quite capable of fighting with top CS GO teams. OG can get the most balanced roster in which each player will be in his place. Let’s talk about them in order.

Let`s talk about Players

Alexi ‘Aleksib’ Virolainen (IGL)

Former captain of Ence, who led the team to several finals in 2019, but was later expelled for some still unknown reason. Alexi is a smart leader who shoots great at the same time, so it is not surprising that immediately after leaving Ence, top organizations began to hunt for him: 100 Thieves, Complexity. The Finnish player speaks excellent English, so communication should not be a problem.

“Starting from scratch is always a step back,” says Alexi. “I have always adhered to this position, and therefore I am sure that the hard work that we are going to do will pay off.”

Nathan ‘NBK’ Schmitt (support)

The legendary French player and two-time major champion had disagreements with several Vitality players, due to which he was replaced by Shocks. NBK (Natural Born Killer) is still a top player who can create a lot of space for teammates on the map and help them with grenades. Moreover, he still shoots excellently and can single-handedly drag complex rounds. NBK did not work out with the captain role, but in the position of the second leader and support, he will bring great benefits to the team.

“OG is something unique to eSports, it is a quality mark that immediately means certain people,” explains NBK. “We all believe that this is a unique opportunity to learn from their experience and share our experience with them so that in the end everyone gets better. I look forward to working with them and create what very few teams have managed to do in recent years.”

Issa ‘ISSAA’ Murad (rifler)

After the collapse of the European roster of Hellraisers, the Jordanian was left without a team, but, apparently, would not stay without it for a long time. ISSAA is a stable shooter. In his entire career, he only completed the LAN tournament with a negative rating three times. ANGE1 called him a must-have for any English-speaking team, and that makes sense. ISSAA is not a raging player; he completely gets involved in the game and can play in many positions. In OG, he certainly will not disappear.

“After three years of playing in the same professional team, I was a little demotivated, and I felt that I needed something fresh,” explains ISSAA. “When I was on the bench, then I had time to freshen up and find out which way I want to go, and I think that in OG I have everything I want. I am really inspired by the upcoming games under the banner of OG and the opportunity to decorate this year with many achievements and trophies.”

Valdemar “valde” Bjørn Vangså (rifler)

The main star of North (and recently also the captain) has long been the main star of Danish CS outside Astralis. Valde is very good at clutches and can play both the role of an entry-fragmenter and a lurker. This is a universal player, just what OG needs.

“We are all from different countries, from different cultures and with five different views on the game, and now we all need to come together to make this project something we can be proud of,” tells valde. “I find it useful to work with new people who can change your outlook on the game and give you new inspiration, and I’m just really looking forward to what happens next.”

Mateusz ‘mantuu’ Wilczewski

Compared to his new comrades, mantuu is a rather unknown character. A young Polish star, just starting his professional career, he has already demonstrated his AWP skills with ALTERNATE aTTaX over the past year  ‒ and now he is aiming even higher with his new teammates.

“Being inexperienced in the Counter-Strike top dash, I believe that I brought a lot of motivation to the team, and I have something to show,” tells mantuu. “And that, I hope, will affect the rest of the team, and we can gradually improve our skills in the coming months.”

As a result, we can get one of the top Counter-Strike teams. If Aleksib can build high-quality tactics and put everyone in a comfortable position, then we will get a team that can immediately get into the top 3. There are a lot of discussions at CS Reddit on whether the team will succeed. Future tournaments and games will show!

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