TWIFT | Esport | PUBG: How to Use Canted Sights For Xbox, PS4, and PC

PUBG: How to Use Canted Sights For Xbox, PS4, and PC

PUBG features a huge amount of scopes and has recently included even more with a special slot that has been added to the weapon. The majority of objects will be found on the map, except for the 15x sniper, which can be only detected at airports. Canted Sight has been added to the sports patch 25, which is now on PUBG. You can take a look at servers on PC, psp4, or Xbox. It is a weapon adapter that has been added to loot and permits players to switch between red dot scopes quickly. 

Which methods should you undertake to get the advantage of a tilting viewfinder? 

canted sights

You should use it on marksman rifles equivalent to the M24 or AWM to change from an 8x  pale to a better individual red dot scope. This doesn’t guarantee that you will scroll through a fast search, however, this will assist you during a nip if your enemy is simply too near.

How can you get the advantage of the tilting viewfinder?

canted sights

First, you would like to seek out an oblique view. They’re quite common on the map. Afterward, you should get to hit them on the correct side of the socket to lock the face plate. Once you’ve got the tilt gun-sight hooked up to your weapon (so your weapon will truly use this device), all you’ve got to try and do is to use the default keychain: to do this, install the facet Sight mod on the weapon and press angular position + PKM.

This can enable your character to maneuver the side arm slightly to the left or right. With this, you can use the slanted sight with a red dot. How to alter the grid? To do this, press the correct button to aim, then press Pg Up and Pg Dn. Note that clicking on these buttons will offer different results for various points of interest.

 For example, if you press Pg Up and Pg Dn while viewing the reflex, you can change the grid. In this case, on 2x and 3x holographic scopes, pressing these buttons only changes the color of the scope. Well, with the 4x and 6x scopes, Pg Up and Pg Dn don’t change anything. 

canted sights

Keep in mind that 8x and 15x optics, in these areas, pressing these key changes the recording range. To carry out the use of the crosshairs in PUBG, you should press the left snap. It’s “L 2” for PS4 or “L T” for Xbox 1. You can use the left snap to turn the oscilloscope on or turn it off. By tapping once there is an opportunity to use the grid and double tap to make you return to the standard look. You are out of power to use the sight if you don’t have it in your gun. In contradistinction to other snipers, you should find and fit out the sight before the usage. 

Of course, there are types of weapons that do not have sight, and not on all weapons you can use them. It looks incomprehensible to many players the sense of controlling such a scheme. That is probably because of the idea that the majority of first-look shooters ask you to keep holding a left snap to use the sight. In this game, holding “L 2” or “L T” allows you to target (ADS), nevertheless you can’t look through the area. Vice, you should press once the shutter snap to change the field of view. It can take some time to get addicted but don’t worry, you’ll be in it rather quickly. 


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a genuine event in life for a great number of reasons, even with such a controlling scheme. Luckily, the grid remains the snap you pended — all you need to do is to click on it, not hold it. It’s very simple.

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