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The Top 7 Mods You Should Have on Your Fallout 4

Throughout the years, Fallout has gained a big community of fans, who are willing to play for hours. With its vast-apocalyptic environment and player freedom during the game, no wonder so many gamers prefer Fallout 4. Yet in every game, one can add personalization. In Fallout 4 one can do so with mods. There is a wide variety of them, but in this article, we’ve picked the Top 7 Mods you should have on your Fallout 4. 

fallout 4

1. Armor and Weapons Keyword Community Resource

fallout 4

This one isn’t a mod in its classical way. The AWKCR is more a technical framework that standardizes the way modders add their content. Here is a list with the main features of  Armor and Weapons Keyword Community Resource:

  • standardized structure for armor and cosmetics;
  • dynamic color swapping which you can do on a workbench; 
  • more standardized workbenches, so you can do your craft not only on the chemistry bench;
  • add ballistic waves to stuff;
  • paint crafting;
  • collection of object modifications for blade weapons. 

2. Armorsmith Extended

fallout 4

For some reason, many people think that the Armorsmith Extended mod can somehow affect their graphic card. Well, that is not true in any way, as far as we know. Here is what you can do with Armorsmith Extended mod: 

  • You can wear armor and use linings, weave, and other things with clothing that normally doesn’t allow it.
  • Get new waves in totally random order.

For this mod, you’ll need some self-discipline because you get a bit over the top being able to add weaves and linings to “everything”. Yet it’s pretty awesome to put night vision on a pair of sunglasses. 

3. Concealed Armors

 It does what the name says. When you have a heavy combat chest piece, it’ll allow you to enjoy your outfit and stay stylish all the way. 

  • All standard armor sets have visibility modifications.
  • There is no material cost to craft. 
  • The sets include raider, leather, metal, combat, and synth armors.
  • Yet, there is no support for the DC Guard armor as yet. Nor is there support for helmets at present due to the hair issue.

Additional tip: 

  • When changing the invisible piece of armor it can get visible. Don’t worry, just go into the armor workbench and turn visible back to hidden. 
fallout 4
fallout 4

4. Handmade Revolver 

fallout 4

This is one great standalone weapon. What’s so special about the Handmade Revolver in Fallout 4:

  • looks awesome,
  • scales good,
  • the mix of badassness and comic,
  • based on concept art from the “The Art of Fallout 4” book.
fallout 4

5. Raider Overhaul

fallout 4

This mod is perfect for those who have passed the 400 hours equator and want some diversity. In Raider Overhaul not only you get a full pack custom sweets! Here is the full list of features in Raider Overhaul:

  • makes the raiders more powerful as you progress;
  • gives you a ton of gear and armor fully customizable;
  • adds in Raider Dreadnaughts;
  • raider juggernauts in a custom heavy armor give you fun times even on higher levels;
  • Endless variants of diversity and customization.
fallout 4
fallout 4

6. Rain of Brass
fallout 4

Not that big, but can be useful. The mod Rain of Brass makes the lifetime of spent shells and bullet casings last longer. In the main version, shells stay for only one hour and are visible from weapons fired within 500 meters.

7. True Storms: Wasteland Edition

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It is a new way to feel your gameplay for real, with heavy rains, dust storms, radiation rains. Moreover, there are new unique weathers, sound effects, particle effects, textures, and more. The True Storm mod will bring a lot of vividness and awesome visual and sound upgrades. 

fallout 4

This is the full list of Must-Have mods for your Fallout 4. If you feel like adding some, please leave your suggestions.  

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