Would you like to horse around and still be yourself? You are in here!

When your head explodes from the information, it’s getting harder to find some unconventional news and smashing opinions. Moreover, you want to say “hell NO!” to the promotion of certain interests or glossing over burning issues by media. There is a place, where not only dodgy journalists have freedom of expression, but readers can be whoever they want: writers, bloggers, and even influencers. The only fucking thing you need is just your wish to be heard and share your opinions. So where is that unreal place?

Dudes and dudettes, let us present you TWIFT, in other words, The Way I Fucking Think. It is the first media platform, that will be generated by our users with the purpose to hear and to be heard. Wanna find topical news or maybe even gossips? Wanna have access to a wide range of topics from Politics to eSport? Or maybe you are desperately searching for some lifehacks? The answer to all of these questions is TWIFT! We’ve got an infinite number of controversial topics especially for you, written by different and unpredictable authors. It’s the universe of freaky, but diverse themes with no borders (blatantly, without CP and violence). It’s a “country”, where every user makes his own decisions. Sounds absolutely awesome, doesn’t it? Just imagine the planet of freedom, where people help each other pro bono, just for fun and experience-sharing. 

We have been cooperating with blogging rock stars. Maybe you would like to become somebody’s inspiration? Wait! Here, on TWIFT, it is a reality! People of different ages and professions, with a completely unique experience of the world, are already here, waiting for you. The only one fucking requirement – critical thinking! Food for every starving mind is already on TWIFT. Take it easy and stay on top with TWIFT… Shazam! You are an integral part of our creative and curious TWIFT world! 

Top Banana

Who is he, the mysterious banana? The God of sarcasm and the king of criticism. He has traveled around the globe and he’s so sick of all the shit happening in the world. He has seen it all and now he is ready to tell you what he thinks. And in the way, HE fucking thinks. That is why he has started TWIFT. Don’t start whining, just use critical thinking! He’s got his common sense, and you know it. So he won’t fuck around with no reason. He’ll comment your oddly long-reads and he’ll show you his mid’ le finger when you’re being dumb af. Sorry, not sorry. Do you want to know his opinion on all the global issues: global warmth, over tolerance, politics, war, science, religion, etc? You got it! 

He is the top banana here. And he always goes bananas.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present you, Finger Willy.

Join in and enjoy it!