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20 Top Technological Trends of 2020 by Telenor

The Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor has published its list of the main technological trends of 2020. A similar forecast of the main techno trends for 2019, which was published by Telenor at the end of 2018, showed its viability.

The company’s specialists foresaw that in 2019 we are waiting for the worldwide distribution of deepfake, the implementation of ethical standards for artificial intelligence (AI), the deployment of 5G, the development of industrial IoT (the Internet of things), the widespread use of voice assistants in home smart devices.

So What Will Life be Like in 2020?

Tech trends 2020

1. Green gets mean

Tech trends 2020

Using the Internet of things, big data and AI technologies will allow you to estimate consumption, reduce demand and significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions while reducing costs and creating new sources of income. Many companies, especially in Europe, will strive to obtain one hundred percent renewable electricity, which will become a new basis for doing business that does not affect the climate. Consumers will be offered new services and applications that will help to control green habits. Public and private investors will start investing in green startups, the growth of which is also expected in 2020.

2. The internet of bodies

Tech trends 2020

In 2020, will appear applications that will not only receive and process various indicators of the human body, as is happening now (for example, a fitness tracker that measures the pulse), but also automatically intervene in the current state of the user, if it is really necessary. For example, insulin pumps that will measure blood sugar and adjust its parameters by injecting insulin into the body if necessary. 

3. Tech-arranged marriages

Tech trends 2020

The massive launch of the fifth generation (5G) commercial mobile communications network in the world will launch platforms that “will change the world.” The ability to transmit data with minimal signal delay and a significantly larger number of IoT devices in the world will allow remote investigation of emergencies, the development of e-health, and better logistics. This trend has already begun widespread development, for example, in Russia just the other day the first surgical operations and a remote medical consultation using the 5G network were performed.

4. Build your own network

Tech trends 2020

Due to the fact that many technology companies and governments collect and analyze more and more user data on the Internet every year, user communities will begin to use closed peer-to-peer networks (peer-to-peer decentralized networks) to protect their communications. In addition to fully encrypted applications, individuals and organizations will begin to develop their own communication networks, such as during the recent protests in Hong Kong.

5. “DIRTY DATA!” is the new “FAKE NEWS!”

Tech trends 2020

The term “dirty data” will be used to challenge the credibility of AI. As decision-making based on AI technology or machine learning becomes more common, it will become the subject of more public scrutiny. Users will ask if the decisions are fair and impartial or if the training in technology used “dirty” data. If the data sets were inaccurate, biased or compromised, then the decisions may be erroneous or even illegal. Some companies have already begun to prepare for this trend, for example, Google recently introduced an Explainable AI.

6. What is the cost of trust?

Tech trends 2020

More and more users around the world are starting to realize that the search services or social networks that they get for free provide users’ data to companies. In 2020, users will increasingly trust companies whose revenue does not depend on how much they know about users. For example, recently it became known that the public data of 1.2 billion users of different social networks could be downloaded online.

7. eSIM takes off

Tech trends 2020

Using an electronic SIM card both in consumer electronics and in IoT items will become very popular and will be used everywhere.

8. Charge rage

Tech trends 2020

In 2020, almost all the largest automakers will offer their models of family electric cars that will be able to cover longer distances. The cost of these machines will decrease, which will attract new customers. A negative attitude towards electric vehicles may also appear, since the demand for charging stations will exceed the supply.

9. Sleep Tech

Tech trends 2020

gorodenkoff / Getty Images 

A new generation of fitness trackers and other wearable devices will be able to measure not only the pulse and movements of the user, but also the level of oxygen in the blood and, possibly, brain activity. Sleep technologies will not be ideal, but they will change our ability to measure, control and optimize sleep.

10. Clash of the streaming Giants

Tech trends 2020

The Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus, Netflix and other streaming video services platforms will launch a full-scale war for users, during which consumers will receive more content which will be more interesting.

11. Gaming Gold Rush

Tech trends 2020

For gamers, 2020 is going to be a fucking great year! Apple has already launched its Arcade, and Google wasn’t far behind with Stadia, both representing a renewal of the gaming industry. Apple Arcade gives subscribers access to all their exclusive offerings for download and offline play. Google Stadia is based on streaming and replaces local computational power with cloud computation. Also Microsoft (x-box) Sony (Playstation) also should not lag behind them. In addition to this, a huge number of game development companies will fight for the attention of gamers around the world.

12. DIY AI

Tech trends 2020

Do It Yourself Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is now in great demand. But now there are too few people who are well versed in this. This is only a developing field. Soon, the creation of artificial intelligence will be simplified and not only huge corporations, but also smaller companies will be able to do this. That’s why this product will become more affordable and eventually normal. 

13. Deepfake for the masses

Tech trends 2020

While the use of new AI methods such as Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) has caught attention through deep fakes, use of similar technologies in creating digital content and fun apps is increasing in sophistication and popularity.  

In 2020, filters with AI programs will become common and undergo changes. This will expand the possibilities for creating videos and photos. Content will go to a new level and applications for changing faces will seem too simple to you.  

14. Bringing Big Tech down to size

Tech trends 2020

The power and influence of ‘Big Tech’ will reach a tipping point in 2020. In the world, only a few online companies own most of the world’s information. They control labor markets and this gives them the right to dispose and privatize most of the data necessary for the development of AI algorithms. In 2020, the government and consumers will give impetus to resolve this situation. This may include taxation, data privacy, various restrictions, and possibly shortening companies. All this will help make AI technology more accessible to “ordinary users.”

15. Ethical AI gets in gear 

Tech trends 2020

The ethical AI movement is now in full swing among political, business and research elites, primarily in Europe but also in other parts of the world. Various companies that have privatized AI technology will experience more pressure from the government, investors, their own employees, and society. This will be a way to simplify and accelerate the creation of various AI technologies that will improve the standard of living of citizens, will benefit the environment and respect human rights. AI management mechanisms will be equipped with ethical codes and principles in software development, new management structures

16. Digital Twinning is digital winning

Tech trends 2020

Digital twins will go mainstream in 2020, as they become common collaborative tools for planning, developing, operating and maintaining assets and infrastructure. A digital twin is a replica of a particular physical entity such as a car, building, road, or city. The twin is continuously updated with real-time data, and relies on widespread adoption of sensors and other software tools. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are used to predict conditions and prescribe action that can be taken on the physical twin (e.g. the real road, the real building, etc.).

17. Fight phone scams with Machine Learning

Tech trends 2020

Telephone scams are increasing. There are more ways to deceive people for money through phones. Unknown flaunting numbers that call and reset, but they have to call back at a huge price. Or automated call informing you that you have problems with the bank and you need to call a specific number to unlock the card. Mobile operators are trying to rectify the situation and protect their customers. In 2020, Machine Learning techniques will be an efficient tool for operators to prevent these phone scams and protect their customers.

18. The gig’s up: Labour rights for Gig Economy workers

Tech trends 2020

The Internet created a platform for companies like Uber, Lyft, AirBnB and Foodora to create a new kind of economy. The problem is that it creates a huge number of problems for employees. Most Internet companies do not provide a full contract to their employees. They are only contractors for completing tasks. Companies benefit, while employees receive huge risks and do not receive proper service from employers. Now, such workers are trying to assert their rights. Next year, the situation should become tense and get a logical result.

19. “Second-hand” is the new “smart”

Tech trends 2020

Every year more new and improved smartphones come out. Changing the phone once a year is already considered the norm, and even prestigious. But few people wonder what kind of damage it does to the environment. Although there isn’t a lot of data on the environmental impact of smartphone production, the UN claims that 80 percent of a smartphone’s carbon footprint comes from manufacturing, around four percent from transportation, and 16 percent from a lifetime of use. Every year people are more aware of environmental issues, so it is expected that over time more people will save their old phone or buy a slightly used one.

20. 2020 takes us to the stars

Tech trends 2020

Since the 1960s race, space has only been accessible using expensive, non-reusable rockets. Now the industry is booming with optimism, as companies like SpaceX have slashed costs by pioneering reusable rockets. Less expensive access to the stars and the continued march of Moore’s Law making electronics smaller and less energy-hungry will enable new innovations, including commercial travel to space stations and the moon, and a planned release in 2020 of space-based broadband to unconnected areas. The development brings huge opportunities, significant regulatory and commercial challenges. As space becomes ever more accessible, its role in connecting us will grow in importance.

Other IT companies are also trying to make predictions for the future, for example, Apple is confident that in three to four years, AR glasses (Augmented Reality) will replace smartphones. According to Tim Cook, it is augmented reality, not virtual, that will be crucial for user devices in a few years.

According to the Financial Times, the UAV commercial application market will grow to 40 billion in the next five years. According to the forecasts of the Goldman Sachs financial group, in 2020, the UAV market will reach 100 billion, although military drones will retain the bulk 70 billion. Commercial implementation of UAVs, from agriculture and construction to the delivery of goods and the collection of all kinds of data, including remote monitoring of facilities, will cost 13 billion.

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