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Absolute Hit – New Wireless Earbuds

Jabra’s novelty Elite 75t, the wireless earbuds, upstaged the prior model 65t, leaving no chances to its competitors.

The top combo of features and functions – this is something, that we like Jabra Elite 75t for. The wee size, comfortable controls, long-life performance, and absolutely amazing sound – make them fucking bestsellers.

Jabra Elite 75t is so cool because they have a really great sound and provide absolute comfort for your ears. This model outperforms Elite 65t in several important options: they are smaller, lighter, simpler in control, and its battery serves much longer – 7,5 hours per one charge. Jabra Elite 75t refused jerky separate volume controls, replacing it with smashing and large multi-functional button, which controls the earbuds separately. The button runs play and pause functions, activation of a digital assistant, volume, etc. Moreover, your exceptional voice will sound so lucid during phone calls because of the wind-noise lowering and the array with four microphones. Of course, there is no absolute noise elimination, but it can block most of the sounds surrounding you. The earbuds have a nang function: you may choose, whether to hear all-around you or not! And remember, Jabra gives you a warranty for two years. Isn’t it cool!

For the fans of Apple, there is totally amazing info: the Powerbeats Pro earbuds. Those “naughty boys” can be easily paired with Apple devices, offering voice activation for “Hey Siri”. In comparison with AirPods, the Powerbeats Pro earbuds are water-resistant buddies with track and, of course, volume controls. Kaboom!

Powerbeats Pro earbuds

Nine-hour battery (six for phone calls) and kickass sound – the strengths of Powerbeats Pro. If you charge it for only 5 minutes, you get 1.5 hours of the working battery. However, they are not as tiny and reasonable at price as their bro Elite 75t model.

If you want to become the owner of the super wireless earbuds, but you don’t want to pay nearly $100 or even more, draw your attention to Skullcandy Sesh pair. For $60 you will get decent sound, comfort, water resistance, easy-peasy controls. Besides, a two-year warranty is attached. It means, that you will pay only for the part, that was damaged or lost, getting instead an absolutely new pair of earbuds. Its battery is only for three hours, but you get three full charges with it, small enough for the pocket storage. Awesome!

Skullcandy Sesh

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