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Rapper Akon Will Become The Owner Of A City In Senegal

Akon (Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam) conquers the hearts of listeners with cool tracks for more than 20 years. The Senegalese-American singer is also a music producer, philanthropist, actor, and entrepreneur. Akon is the first solo artist to take first place twice in the Billboard Hot 100! Now the rapper will also become the owner of a futuristic African city in Diamniadio Lake City. The musician has named it after himself Akon City. Why does Akon need all this? Is it true that in his futuristic African city it will be possible to pay only with cryptocurrency?

For The Benefit of Africa: President Senegal’s Generous Gift To Akon

Akon is a cool charity bunny and now he will sing his song in Africa! Hits are hits, music is music, but Akon decided to get involved in charity, creating his own cryptocurrency and building his own city. Here, some people can’t buy an apartment for their whole lives, and Akon has a whole city in his hands! The point, of course, is not that the rapper wanted to control his fucking city, but in charity. Everything is done for Senegal. Actually, let’s face the truth, Akon has been focusing not on a musical career for a long time, but anyway, since for many years he’s used to positioning himself as a rapper, but man, it’s a pity you’ll be a rapper in my article and a charity dude. Damn it.

Now, the city of Akon is only at the construction stage. By the way, Akon didn’t buy the land at his own expense, it was a fucking gift from big “father”! More precisely, the president of Senegal Macky Sall handed him a generous present. The guys bonded due to the rapper’s charity. Such a gift was made not just like that, but because Akon has helped Africa many times in recent years. His good deeds became a huge gesture for the president, so he entrusted him with most of the land in Diamniadio Lake City. The rapper, in turn, decided to make a cryptocurrency city out of 2 thousand acres, well, he named it in his honor, as well as his cryptocurrency. Sure, Akon may not be modest, but noble. It is also worth a lot!

Akon City and Diamniadio Lake City: Plans For a Futuristic African City

For those who have not heard of Diamniadio Lake City, this is a futuristic town in Diamniadio, Senegal, designed to dampen residential and commercial mess in Dakar. The project has attracted many investors ‒ it involves local and international companies, including the KFW Development Bank. After Macky Sall donated 2,000 acres of Akon land, he also became part of Diamniadio Lake City. The total cost of a futuristic African city is $ 2 billion. The project is fully planned to be completed by 2035. Soon you’ll see Akon’s house in pictures!

Akon began to build plans for his own city in Diamniadio Lake City back in 2018. Even then, he decided that the economy of his city would be built on his own cryptocurrency AKoin. The token is focused on the African market. It is originally planned to use it for conversion between cryptocurrencies and fiat. In Akon City, it will be possible to pay only with the rapper’s cryptocurrency.

Akon is directing so much effort to develop Diamniadio, Senegal. This is the birthplace of the musician. He lived there until he was seven years old, later his family moved to New Jersey. Previously, he glorified his homeland Senegal as the author of hits Smack That, Right Now (Na Na Na), I Wanna Love You and Lonely. And now, he is also a charitable figure who is doing everything to help the development of Senegal. From small steps, he moved on to large ones, and now he is building his modern city. 

Also, the rapper over the past few years has helped many African young entrepreneurs. In 2014, Akon helped conduct electricity in more than a dozen African countries. Words that the musician said then touched the hearts of even the most avaricious of people’s emotions, because not every famous dude argues like this: “For me, it’s crazy when someone can keep their billions of dollars in banks while all these people suffer.” High five Akon, you certainly like to call everything by your name, but at least you do a good deed ‒ it deserves fucking respect.

Akon’s Cryptocurrency: Akoin

Cryptocurrency is not new to the crypto world, but its mission is very important for Africa. It should solve the problem of access to financial services for residents of the country. Akoin is one of the latest in the cryptocurrency world, based on innovative blockchain technology. The rapper is confident that it will create an ecosystem that will allow young entrepreneurs to take advantage of new opportunities. Akoin will help not only young entrepreneurs of Diamniadio, Senegal. Cryptocurrency Akoin has a chance to become useful to the whole world. The Akoin has its own wallet, as well as users can access the cryptocurrency through crypto-wallets with Stellar support.

The cryptocurrency of the rapper and the entire ecosystem of the blockchain, which will be involved in the block of operations, are designed to reveal the huge potential of an actively developing world economy.

Akoin will be able to achieve the goal by providing high-quality cryptography, which is designed to provide ample opportunities:

– income generation by entrepreneurs;

– stimulation of innovations in various sectors (production, technology).

For those who haven’t expected success from the rapper, get even more information about Akoin. It’s believed that cryptocurrency and the ecosystem will contribute to economic stability not only in Africa but throughout the world. Of course, it is not worth making far-sighted forecasts yet, but it’s obvious that Akon’s business has prospects: as for cryptocurrency, and for his own city in Senegal, Diamniadio Lake City ‒ Akon City.

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