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All about the new Samsung Galaxy S21’s Unpacked event

Samsung dropped their newest smartphone Samsung Galaxy S21 and it looks pretty awesome. Here’s everything you need to know about the phone itself and the Unpacked event, including information about the live stream. 

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Samsung is always in search of the innovative, so the company used the following invitation to their new Unpacked event (holding the motto “Welcome to the Everyday Epic”)  to formally confirm the Galaxy S21 series announcement: ‘‘Over the past year, mobile technology has taken center stage in everyday life as people are working from and spending time at home. The accelerated transition to a mobile-first world brings with it the need for devices that can transform everyday life into an extraordinary experience.’’

Samsung even blessed its customers with an early reveal of the new Galaxy S21, which happened sooner than originally reported (January instead of February). What’s great is that the first event of such sort focuses only on the new Galaxy S-line and nothing else. However, many are interested in the new Galaxy Buds Pro but they’ll probably arrive free of charge as an accessory credit in the pre-order stage anyway (FYI, you can register for pre-order credit currently).

The Unpacked event organized by Samsung is set up to be COVID-19 friendly as it is available only through streaming. Additionally, the company has slowly shifted away from huge industry expos, but still managed to include at least four such Unpacked events in their 2020 calendar ‒ for the S20 family, the Note 20, the Z Fold 2, and even for the inexpensive S20 FE.

Samsung is expected to introduce the earliest of the S-line product launches with the Galaxy S21 Unpacked reveal, even if we consider the usual Note 20 series release of at least two handsets, then combine that with the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and the 5G version of the Galaxy Z Flip. If we add the Galaxy Tab S7+ and, possibly, the new Galaxy Watch 3 the huge summer event is shaping up to be rather incredible. 

When was the Samsung Galaxy S21 Unpacked 2021 event (and other important dates)? 

  • The event took place on January 14, 2021, at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET.
  • The Galaxy S21’s release date is January 29, 2021.
  • The Galaxy S21 pre-orders have started on January 14.

The South Korean multinational company is allegedly plotting to take as much advantage of the issues Huawei’s been experiencing as possible. This is the reason why Samsung opted for an early Galaxy S21 and Buds 2 release date

It’s been reported that “Galaxy S21 smartphones will likely start official sales a month sooner than its predecessors,” which placed the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra release date in the late January-early February timespan. 

The Galaxy S20 series was revealed last February and was available for purchase a month later, however this year the leaks meant that the time till the introduction of the smartphone was cut down. This led to the product being shown to the public on January 14, while the release date is January 29. 

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After representatives from Samsung’s Experience Store in Bengaluru verified the date of January 14th for the event, it can automatically be concluded that the S21 will arrive only 11 months after the S20. 

In other news about the company, there’s a new Mobile chief in Samsung. What’s impressive is that he has already beat the original schedule plan with the release of the S20 Fan Edition, which also had a separate Unpacked event (very unusual for a $700 phone). Back in September last year the chief also had an additional event for the Z Fold 2. What he’s possibly trying to do by rushing the S21 development, production, and release process is “to take advantage of Huawei’s absence.” Huawei is going to face difficulties in its job to maintain the latest processor chips currently as a result of the US sanctions. This suggests that Samsung will probably attempt to reap the most benefits (represented by market shares) from Huawei’s situation it possibly can. 

Additionally, Apple’s iPhone 12 supercycle will go deep into Q4 (probably even Q1) during 2021, considering that the iPhone 12 Pro Max became available to customers on November 13 (as well as the 12 mini, which was released at the same time). Therefore, in the case of Samsung releasing the Galaxy S21 in Q1, the company will manage to take advantage of Huawei’s reality this year, as well as counter the iPhone 12 series. 

Where to check out the Samsung Galaxy S21 Unpacked 2021 event?

Samsung live streamed to show the newly introduced product at the Unpacked 2021 event. This happened on Samsung’s website, as well as on its YouTube channel, Facebook, and Twitter. ‘’Learn more about the new experiences that are built to make your everyday life epic at Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021, which will be broadcast on Samsung Newsroom, at 10 a.m. EST on January 14, 2021.’’

The Samsung Unpacked 2021 event covered the following Galaxy phones:

Here’s a video of the event from the official Samsung YouTube channel:

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