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Apple Spies You with The New iPhone 11

Would you like someone to constantly track your location? It’s so much doubtful. If you hate such things, you might throw your new iPhone 11 to trash! A security researcher Brian Krebs discovered that new-generation iPhones track users’ geographical location regardless of their preferences set up.

Turning the feature off won’t work anymore – even if you do that in EVERY application! Apple will always know where you are. So… If you are going to be engaged in criminal activities, take an iPhone 10 with you. 

How to Turn Tracking Off

Though it’s very hard not to share your location with the corporation, there is a way of salvation. Just set the entire tracking feature o ‘never share’ your location.

Millions of iPhone users (including those who have already got a new device and who are standing in queues for it so far) are concerned about this ‘special feature’. The company told the audience that this is quite normal and it has nothing to do with security issues, describing constant location tracking as ‘expected behavior’.

Their representatives twisted everything upside down like it is ‘not a bug but feature’. For example, a user can switch on tracking for Maps but off for other apps. However, security specialists recommend turning off all location services by going to Settings and then finding Privacy and Location Services. 


Keep in mind that if you won’t turn them off, your iPhone 11 will track your location anyway.

Weird ‘Expected Behavior’

Apple’s new gadgets seek iPhones’ locations even when ALL apps and services are set to never track this data. Can you see the difference? Okay, even when Apple says that mobile devices can do custom tracking, location services are not turned off if you refuse to track in every single app. Our logic is now completely broken and users suffer from the 404 errors in their heads. WHY?

So, Mr. Krebs reported this issue to Apple and shared his video on the issue. 

The company replied that it’s okay and some applications don’t have an option to switch tracking off. At first sight, this seems reasonable, as some programs really can’t be well-tuned, but WTF, Apple? Have you thought about users’ privacy policy? 


Cybersecurity is becoming a serious issue for the 21st century and people are much concerned about their privacy. For example, Google was accused of intentional tracking of users’ locations without permission in 2018 – you might even remember the stir around that. 

Moreover, laws protecting people’s privacy appear in every civilized country. Everyone has been actively discussing GDPR in Europe starting from 2016 – many companies have already paid huge fines for not following the privacy rules.  

What will be the next Apple’s step towards user-friendliness? We’ll see. Hopefully, they are going to work on that but not ignore the needs of thousands (or even millions) of iPhone fans across the globe.

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