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Elon Musk’s signal: Everything You Need to Know About an Innovative App

The guru of technical progress, the founder of SpaceX, the creator of Tesla, investor, and billionaire Elon Musk posted on Twitter an appeal to subscribers in which he urged them to use his new development ‒ a special application with data encryption function. Just two days after publication, the gain in the size of Signal Advance shares broke all records and reached the 1100% mark.

According to Apptopia, before the publication, the number of downloads of the innovation from tech tycoon Musk was about 50 thousand times a day. However, almost immediately after the circulation, it increased almost 2.5 times to 1.3 million.

Musk's signal

And the official representatives said that this figure may be inaccurate, in reality, taking into account all the downloads of the program, it is much higher.

Immediately after that, the new Signal Messenger for reasons unknown to users took off from the network. However, as the company later explained, the huge increase in new customers is to blame.

The same day after the tweet, the stock of the new app rose more than 50%, and the next day, more than 90%. In just 48 hours, their cost increased from almost half a cent to over $7. The indicators of the market capitalization of progressive development could not but shock, in this short period they increased by 605 million dollars.

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Musk’s new company, a non-profit company, is considered a worthy replacement for platforms such as Messenger from Facebook and WhatsApp.

If you see Signal for the first time, then you are unlikely to see something in it that was not in Viber, Telegram, or Messenger ‒ file exchange, calls in audio and video format, text correspondence. However, it amazes professionals with its level of technical safety, encryption, and data privacy technologies. And powerful guarantees of unavailability and unauthorized intrusion of third parties into all your files.

It was with this message that the conqueror of the orbits of the Sun addressed the public. Elon Musk criticized Facebook for its irresponsible policy regarding the security of data exchange and sufficient level of encryption. Jack Dorsey, CEO of the Twitter platform itself, was in solidarity with Musk on this issue.

Musk's signal

As it turned out later, it was thanks to the Twitter post that the biotech company Signal Advance, which is completely unrelated to Signal itself, succeeded.

It is worth noting that this is not the first time Musk has made such an outrage about Facebook. Two years ago, the platform deleted the pages of the billionaire, both his personal and his businesses SpaceX and Tesla. However, it’s fair to conclude that Musk’s stance on the battle between the Facebook subsidiary and Signal is pretty compelling.

For a long time, both WhatsApp and Signal have had many problems that have been resolved. However, the developers of WhatsApp openly violated the rules by collecting all information about users, then leaking it to their so-called “parent” Facebook. And this is the most blatant violation of all confidentiality rules. Meanwhile, Signal, on the contrary, does not allow other sources to get access to at least some part of information about their users, strictly keeping it secret. And continues to create additional features to enhance security and anonymity.

WhatsApp’s new privacy policy has sparked much outrage and alarm among users. It is for this reason that the new rules still had to be temporarily canceled. The management decided not to introduce them in the next three months. Besides, they had to publish an FAQ, where they explained in detail their methods of processing and collecting data, noting that they did not have access to messages or to listen to their customers’ calls.

“We decided to postpone the introduction of new terms and conditions for using the application. Therefore, no one will block and delete users on February 8. In addition, our first priority is also to eliminate inaccurate data regarding the operation of the security and privacy system in WhatsApp, so that our clients receive only truthful information. We will adapt the transition system to the user’s capabilities, so for now everything will remain as it was before. And starting from May 15 this year, new options for business will be created and announced,” stated on the official page of the company’s website.

“We have collected for you all the main features of the Signal application, in which you can exchange encrypted messages. Thanks to this material, you will be able to figure out and compare which is right for you if you already had experience using Telegram or WhatsApp.”

All Signal Secrets: What’s New and How Does It Work?

Signal is one of the most popular applications that can be easily found and installed on the Apple App Store if you have an iPhone, or in the Google Play Store if you use Android. This is one of the innovative developments of Elon Musk and a good alternative to all text messengers. This program is completely free and open-source, offered by one of the non-profit companies Signal Foundation. It is this organization that already has a fairly solid base and authority. It received recognition thanks to the American programmer, the famous intelligence officer, ex-CIA officer Edward Snowden.

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By downloading the Signal app with one click on one of the mobile markets, you can use text, audio, and picture messages, as well as audio and video calls, which will be protected by special end-to-end encryption. To do this, be sure to enter your valid phone number. Also, you will have the opportunity to understand how reliable the data from other users are.

If it is important for you to find out more details of the security system, to investigate possible shortcomings of the application, its limitations, and blindsides, we recommend that you refer to the series of materials from CNET representative Laura Hautala. In the meantime, we will dive into more detail on the topic of data encryption.

Although there are many stereotypes in society around the concept of encrypted data, we will try to explain to you as simply as possible what it means.

Everything is more than simple. If in ordinary applications your messages are sent in the form you wrote them, then using encryption, any text is modified before being sent to your addressee. That is, it receives a certain encoding and no one else can read them, except for the one to whom you are sending them. This helps to maintain the confidentiality of your information and protect you from data leaks outside your will. Besides, such important structures as the police, representatives of cellular communications, tax, and other structures performing control will not have access to your information. Although these structures often act without warning, hidden by the interception method, then in an application that uses end-to-end encryption, this function will become impossible.

Musk's signal

If we talk about security, then finding an application of the same high rank as Signal in this path is almost unrealistic. It has no analogs since it is the program that does not save user data about you. And if you are worried about the safety of information, then this option will be the best of all possible. In addition to being an encryption function, Signal also provides a package of other privacy options right on your smartphone screen.

Among them is the ability to limit the tracking function using a blurred face. You can use special blocking methods, disappearing messages, and enable the option of blank notification windows.

Of course, according to the results of testing these functions, it is clear that they still have something to improve. However, when compared to other applications that do not have such capabilities, Signal certainly takes the lead and superiority. Since only in this program you can get a package of tools with the help of which your data will largely remain untouched by unauthorized individuals.

For a long time, the main imperfection of Signal’s privacy policy was not the lack of some tools, but rather the lack of general popularization.

It is certainly great to send messages securely using Signal, but if suddenly your interlocutor does not have this program, you can forget about privacy.

Therefore, it is worth taking this as a collective vaccination for everyone, which will help increase the level of privacy of everything you send in your messages. And if you manage to carry out explanatory work among your acquaintances and friends, translate them to a more thorough way of messaging, then this can change the system for the better.

But now it is no longer necessary to talk about agitation. Following Musk’s tweet and the support of Twitter spokesman Dorsey, more users are switching to Signal. And this number continues to grow exponentially.

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