TWIFT | Digital | Engineer assembled the largest Nintendo

Engineer assembled the largest Nintendo

The legendary Nintendo is not just an ordinary toy for many people. Many hackers and engineers see this device as an excellent tool for realizing their hobbies, and in a very unusual way.

Only recently, some craftsmen have been able to find a way to mine bitcoins on one of the versions of Nintendo ‒ Gameboy. Others recorded the entire movie on a Gameboy cartridge.

Michael Pick from Tennessee also decided to surprise others with his resourcefulness and engineering thought.

He succeeded and probably was even impressed with the result of his work.

And so, 30 wide and 70 long, 65 lbs (30kg). Sounds like we’re talking about a small couch. But we’re talking about a giant Nintendo Switch!

the largest Nintendo

Michael, with his own hands, without anyone’s help, assembled a fully functioning Nintendo, which is difficult even to hold in his hands.

The engineer substantiated such an interesting decision by the fact that the usual portable version is easy to lose, but you are unlikely to specify this somewhere and lose it. It’s hard to take it out of the house! A true engineering approach.

Also, Michael Pick posted a video in which he showed exactly how he collected this giant. Using machines and tools, the engineer carved a case from wood for the future Nintendo XXL, and also made holes for buttons and joysticks. Moreover, he arranged the internal structure of the case to accommodate various equipment inside it, including a huge 4k TV, which is connected to the console via HDMI.

 And as we can see from the video, every button and joystick works flawlessly.

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This is all thanks to the fact that Michael hid the real Nintendo Switch inside the case, as well as the Joy-cons (gamepads), and connected them to the entire structure.

By the way, these huge buttons were created using 3D printing. The original Nintendo Joy-Cons are connected to the “giant” electrical mechanisms, which activate them when the player interacts with the larger version of the game console. A kind of exoskeleton for a portable Nintendo. However, if you are uncomfortable playing on such a huge device, you can always use wireless controllers for a more familiar experience.

Michael also said that he wants to donate his work to those who really need fun. And he made the right choice by donating this creation to Saint Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

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