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Galaxy Fold? More like Galaxy Fail

Another “Fiasco” Gadget from Samsung?
Smell the innovation? Ah, no, it’s a Samsung crap again.
The self-explosive Galaxy Note 7, whose sales Samsung stopped in the first month of sales, became a textbook example of the biggest failure the company could face. It seemed the Koreans would never be able to wash off that shame. But timely apologies, coupled with the innovativeness of subsequent products, if not erased the memory of consumers, at least turned their attention to more advantageous things for the manufacturer. Everything would be fine if it were not for the release of Galaxy Fold.
Samsung has been engaged in the development of folding smartphones for many years. Finally, the Androdians could “enjoy” the final product.
In the form in which the Galaxy Fold exists now with its breaking screen, it is a real failure, which, in our opinion, turned out to be even worse than the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. And here’s why.
Even if we forget about the excessive initiative of some observers who have removed the protective coating from the Galaxy Fold screen, its strength still raises big questions. The display was extremely easy to damage. All because of plastic, no matter how solid it is, is still inferior to glass. Who would have guessed?! The folding screen just breaks in the middle or one half of it just stops working. Overall, we have neither a smartphone nor a tablet, but some kind of a crappy overpriced Frankenstein.
The good news is that Apple will not rush and release a folding iPhone any time soon. A company can spend several years on this, but in the end, it is they who can make a complete mass device with a folding structure out of a soulless concept. But does Apple even need to chase trends or should they just play in their sandbox?
Asynchronous image
Seems like one failure is not enough for Samsung anymore since the damage to the Galaxy Fold display has shown that in fact, it consists of three parts that can fail independently of each other. This is confirmed by the asynchronous movements of the image on the screen. The described effect is especially noticeable while scrolling when the right side of the image moves up or down a fraction of a second faster than its left side. Well, I guess that’s great if your eyes are on different levels.
Front Camera
The location of the front camera also leaves much to be desired. However, Samsung has stepped forward in this. Koreans, without further ado, placed the front camera on the right side of the screen, not only depriving users of useful space but also violating the aesthetics of the smartphone. It would be much better if Samsung engineers either left the camera only on the external display or made it not so intrusive. But who cares? I guess, if you can put up with Android, you can put up with ridiculous camera placement.
So why, in fact, we believe that the Galaxy Fold is worse than Note 7? The fact is that the failure of the Galaxy Note 7 was exactly the failure. Samsung has created a device that was not bad but made a mistake when installing the battery. As a result, this led to the fact that several smartphones from the approximately 3 million batch just exploded. In the case of the Galaxy Fold, everything is different. Here the Koreans knew exactly about the asynchronous display of the picture, and the pliability of the protective coating, but still decided to release the device, having no doubts about the fact that in actual conditions of use it will either turn into shit or simply fail. Let’s not even talk about the price of this crap. But why do we even care? All people in the right mind buy iPhones anyway.

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