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Google Pixel 4: the best Android smartphone?

A peak heat is on the street, so some hot news came to us! Today we will talk about Google Pixel 4. Did you know that the Android flagship could be the best? Of course, there is still some plagiarism here, but don’t feed the developers with bread, give something to steal at least a little. Probably a professional break. So, let’s see what interesting we have here!

It is worth noting that the release date of the best Android flagship will take place allegedly in October. More and more interesting information people hear from the leaks of “the most secret information”. For example, Mukul Sharma, a proven Indian insider, posted several photos of Google Pixel 4 on social networks. It is clearly visible that the camera in the flagship will be placed in a square block. Smartphone developers will also solve the problem with the chin. Not with the second human one, unfortunately, but in the Pixel flagship. Both upper and lower frames of the smartphone will be the same size.

Creative with a pinch of plagiarism

Although the Pixel smartphones never differed delights in terms of design, apparently this time it was decided to change the situation by adding the creative troops! We all know how Pixel likes to make all too personal! Google Pixel 4 will get a cutout for the front camera. By the way, it smacks of frank plagiarism. A similar solution is inherent in the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10.

We have secret information, Karl!

Smartphones Google Pixel 4 will be deprived of all the physical buttons and get a solid aluminum frame. The power and volume buttons will give way to capacitive sensors, which will be located in the right side face. The reasons for this change are not disclosed, like so much else, but potentially, it is related to the Google Earth function.

Aesthetics and physical sensor are retiring

Google Pixel 4 is already shown in three colors: white, black and mint. With something the flagship had to say goodbye. The two-color aesthetics of the previous models has disappeared. A physical fingerprint sensor that was installed at the back has also retired. A simple rear window will look much closer to the iPhone XS, and the design of the main camera unit is similar to the iPhone XI model (information was confirmed by Google, so everything is very serious, friends).

Google Pixel 4 is one of the most important new products in the world of flagships. Now it’s important to complete the most important mission, to meet expectations, and not to screw it up!

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