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SOFTening the Middle Ages in Computer Cafes

So, here is a story about how modern people and companies mired in antiquity and negligence.

Once upon a time in Moscow, I and my dudes decided to humiliate some noobs in DOTA 2 in good old computer club or cafe. We were trying to find some cozy and comfortable place to spend around 3-4 hours before going to a pub. We found a shady club in the basement of the house, and, although it was spacious and quiet, it turned out that the place was pretty lousy. Why? Well, first of all, the manager guy told us the numbers of our computers and wrote the starting time in his paper notebook. This is not a mock alert, a paper notebook! I rechecked my watch just in case, and you know what? It was 20-f*cking-19. But hey, at least he noted it somewhere. Manager. The next thing is, if you want some tea, coffee, or anything else, you need to go and make it yourself. In another room. And they don’t have any snacks except for some cookies, but dry as junkie’s tongue. Restroom? Try to find it, because till this time the enemy will have mega creeps. But the worst part is that even with the recorded beginning and end of the session, we had to prove and recalculate the cost of services several times. That evening we drowned our fury at the bar. 


In the next few times, we were smarter and read the reviews on google.

We’ve been to a lot of clubs where they even used some good software, but it was only good, not perfect: in one place there was no convenient navigation, in another – no possibility to order food from the bar, and somewhere – no way to book a place in advance. 


But then one day we came across one club and even managed to book a place easily (although it would seem that in 2019 it’s time for all the clubs to implement this function, and not to force every socially unadapted millennial to call by phone!). It was freaking awesome! A true gamer’s paradise. Firstly, it was a computer club and a lounge bar in one place. They used this Senet software.


There was a menu with all the necessary information and the ability to order a chocolate bar or a can of cola right behind your computer. Excellent quick service so as not to be distracted from the game. An opportunity to book a convenient time and not to run to the manager every time with silly questions. So you can play with maximum comfort, almost like Cartman was playing WoW. I don’t understand why all the places cannot be so convenient and why the places we were in for the first time will not die out. 

Please, if someone who runs a computer club or cyber cafe reads this, use technologies and do not torment people with your notebooks in the basements. Take care of the forest, your time, and the nerves of your customers!

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