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Innovative Technologies of the Last Decade

Innovative Technologies of the Last Decade

We live in an era of high technology, about which nobody had even dreamed ten years ago. 

The 2010s were the most productive decade. The amount of cool innovative inventions just rolls over! Here are some of the totally cool inventions for the past 10 years.

1. Virtual Reality Helmets

The first helmets of virtual reality (VR) appeared back in the 90s in the United States of America. It’s been a while since then, progress has stepped far forward. Now it is one of the most popular innovations! Virtual reality has reached a high level and at the same time is at the very beginning of the development path. Therefore, every day there are more and more new models of VR glasses that amaze buyers with their capabilities.

Virtual reality glasses are a device that can immerse the user in the world of VR. This technology creates a visual and sound effect of being in a certain space. Externally, VR devices are a design that is worn on the head and securely fixed. Each device must have video displays and an acoustic headset.

VR helmet features

In simple words, the VR helmet is a modern, high-tech gadget that can transfer the user to the world of virtual reality and give new emotions.

The bulk of buyers of such devices are young people who want to play virtual games. VR can transfer the player directly to the center of events and make you feel the whole gamut of sensations from the developing plot.

At the moment, a huge number of video games for virtual reality helmets have been developed. Developers delight gamers with new products every day. Moreover, many previously popular games are being adapted for use with a virtual reality helmet. Among the games, there are calm ones, with a measured plot and active ones with constant jumps and shootings. Based on the foregoing, we can say that every buyer will find entertainment for their preferences.

The range of use of the VR helmet does not end in games. Given how VR glasses work, it’s not hard to guess that they can be used to watch movie videos. You can view both standard 3D movies and special movies designed for such devices. You can feel the atmosphere of each scene and consider the developing events from all sides while watching this kind of movie.

VR purposes

Basically, all virtual reality glasses were created for entertainment purposes, but in the future, it is quite possible to use them in the following areas:

Medicine – remote operations and telediagnostics. Virtual reality has already been used to treat mental illnesses. These are claustrophobia, fear of heights, etc.

Education – any student will be more willing to learn information in the lesson if he is offered to visually visit historical monuments or virtually travel to the capitals of different countries.

Military affairs – control of unmanned drones and other equipment.

Design – everything can be attributed here, from the preparation of the interior of the premises to the modeling of various situations and conditions to help law enforcement agencies or researchers.

Virtual reality technology is already actively used in the field of design and architecture. You can design and see a construction site or develop a design for a living space. This direction is gaining momentum and is in demand.

2. Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has long been known for developing advanced robots. First of all, it is famous for creating amazing robots that look like animals and humans. At one time, they developed the BigDog robot for the DARPA military agency, and then there was the robot CHEETAH and even the six-legged robot RiSE, able to climb vertical surfaces.

Robots created by this company can do almost anything. They can run, jump and believe me, they can catch you if they want. This is a miracle of engineering geniuses. With the development of these technologies, we will have to decide how far we can go with robotics.

3. Smart Watches

Everyone can buy now a smartwatch from Apple. But before it was a strange spy watch from the James Bond movies. Who cares what they can do? After all, everyone dreams of talking in his own arm and posing as a spy.

Unlike the classic mechanical and electronic ones, smartwatches connect to the Smartphone, use touch screens and offer to the user all the necessary information that is downloaded from the mobile device. In other words, this is a more affordable dubbing of your Smartphone. If the smartwatch works without a phone, it uses various sensors to measure your heart rate, count your steps, calculate your distance, and even your blood pressure. The indicators are displayed in real-time.

4. Drones

Drones appeared a little earlier than 2010 but they have spread very fast in our decade. Now the number of drones that are available to people is simply unbelievable. There are high-tech drones used by large companies as well as small toys that can be bought at any store.

But there are many drawbacks to this. There have already been cases of airport closures due to the abuse of drones. They can create a lot of inconvenience to others. Therefore, now developers are trying to find a solution. They are thinking of creating special rules and restrictions for using such drones.

5. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a field of science and engineering that is engaged in the creation of machines and computer programs with intelligence. It is related to the task of using computers to understand human intelligence. Moreover, artificial intelligence should not be limited only to biologically observable methods.

How many films have you seen artificial intelligence that has gone out of control and rebelled against humans? Well, it’s not long before that. Scientists have been working in this field since the 1950s. In the last decade, science has made great strides in this area. There are already bots that play computer games, drive cars and help people in various areas of life. But how long will they remain good? We’ll see.

6. Holograms of Dead Celebrities

Would you like to attend a concert of Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley? It has become possible recently. You can recreate the illusion and movements of long-dead people using holographic technology. There were already whole concert tours of deceased celebrities. I wonder how far we can go with this technology. The ethical dilemma is very complex in this case.


CRISPR – clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats. An invention that changed our life. It is a technology that allows you to work with DNA and change it. This will bring biotechnology to a new level.

But like much more from this list, there are many ways to use this discovery. For example, last year, a Chinese scientist used CRISPR technology to change the DNA of newborn twins. And he did this deception without telling parents all aspects of his actions.

8. Lab-Grown Meat

The so-called Impossible Burgers have appeared in some fast foods. The meat that was produced in the laboratories has already become a completely standard product. Many argue about whether it is normal to produce this type of product or not. Maybe we crossed some line. Well, I believe that with this meat we can get rid of the problems of food shortage.

9. Virtual Assistants

Ok, Google. Hi, Siri, etc. Virtual assistants are already on almost every phone to help you to get to your destination, choose music or decide which movie to watch today.

These “friends” have changed the lives of many people. But also the danger lies here. Hackers can hack these programs and harm users. Others worry that their conversations may be recorded. But the fact remains. This is a very useful thing when you are very lazy.

10. Cars That Drive Themselves

Want to call Robotaxi without annoying people driving? Or maybe having chosen the destination in your own car, do your own business in the driver’s seat, while the car itself takes you where you need to?

The technologies of autonomous cars that do not need a human driver are being improved year by year, bringing us closer to a beautiful tomorrow without accidents and loss of time while driving, but with hordes of unnecessary professional drivers.

You can already buy a car that will park itself, drive out of your garage or even drive in the lane along the highway to the exit you need, slowing down if necessary in traffic jams and responding to obstacles. Most actively, Tesla promotes such opportunities in its cars, but similar driver assistance systems are also available on cars of other brands: these are usually premium models from Cadillac, Nissan, Mercedes, Audi, and other companies. Simpler systems can even be found in the list of options for relatively inexpensive new cars, like Toyota Corolla, Ford Fusion or Subaru Legacy.

Robotaxi arrival in large cities and autonomous cars on the road are far away: even technological problems have not been completely resolved (for example, not only weather, but also seagulls interfered with cars during complex tests in Boston), and the price of existing semi-autonomous solutions remains high.

In the case of Robotaxi, the question is also psychological: will a person be afraid to get into an empty car without a steering wheel and pedals? How much will a robotic ride cost, how safe will it be? According to a Deloitte study, 50% of US road users do not believe in the safety of autonomous cars.

There is little clarity on the ethical side: relatively speaking, how will a computer determine whom to kill (and whom to save) in a situation if a collision is inevitable? And who will be responsible?

The last, perhaps, and the most important thing: there is still no serious legal base regulating the operation of autonomous machines even at the level of individual states, especially some regional or world legal standards. Even within states, legislation is very different from region to region: unmanned cars without a driver are allowed in California, but not in Arizona.

Despite all the difficulties, sooner or later the problems facing the industry will be resolved – at least judging by the scale of investments and interest in the topic at all levels in many countries.

11. Square Payment System

Now everyone can carry a credit card with leaving it at home. How is this possible? Yes, now everything is on your phone. At any time and almost anywhere, you can now pay for any product you need without your wallet just by having this technology in your gadgets.

12. 3d Bioprinting

The 2050 year. People have learned to grow human organs in special incubators. Humanity is no longer afraid of diseases – after all, any organ can be created artificially and transplanted … Just a few years ago, such a plot could only be found in fantastic stories. Now, thanks to 3D bioprinting technology, this is almost a reality!

It’s hard to believe, but now scientists can print, for example, a blood vessel in the same way as an electronic train ticket or a thesis. Ear, skin, trachea created using tissue engineering technology are all the today realities. Moreover, these are not prostheses, but real, consisting of human cells, tissue samples.

The bioprinting process is not so complicated. First, a computer makes a model of the future organ. Then you need to make bio-ink. Many might think that cells are used for this. Yes and no. The bioprinter prints with tissue spheroids – spherical conglomerates that contain thousands of cells. This is already microtissue, which is grown in laboratory conditions.

13. Selfie Stick

Usually, selfies on a smartphone are either taken with the front camera from the hand, or they take a picture of their reflection with the main camera. Both methods are not ideal. Firstly, the background is not always visible, and a person does not get the full body into the frame. Secondly, the phone is in the frame, the eyes are looking in the wrong direction, and you won’t make such a picture outside the premises.

And here the Japanese appear who recall their invention of 1995 (by the way, then ranked among the list of the most useless inventions). As a result, TIME magazine recognizes the selfie stick as one of the best inventions of 2014. If just a year before everyone was making fun of strange people with some short fishing rods, by 2015 there came a realization of how useful this accessory could be.

Indeed, is it even easier to capture yourself or the whole company without outside help, from the most unusual perspectives? A classic monopod for the camera is used as a stick but slightly modified.

14. Stations for Charging Electric Cars

Electric machines are spreading more and more every year. There are already as many of them as ordinary machines in some countries. This is not surprising. They are convenient, economical and do not harm the environment.

Recharging stations have been developing along with the machines. Now it is not only ground stations but also solar panels on the roofs or personal air turbines. The trend towards the choice of environmentally friendly machines is improving not only their products, but many other technologies for their support, advancement, and recharging.

 Here are the most important inventions in 2010!

15. Baguette Machine

There are many vending machines with drinks, chocolates, and other food. But have you ever wanted to go to the device and take a fresh baguette from there? Now it is possible. Machines that issue baguettes have been created! They only end the cooking process and produce a fresh and warm baguette in about 20 seconds. The great thing after a working day.

16. Spinners

Spinner is an anti-stress toy that has become insanely popular in the United States and all around the world. In the original language, the toy is called Fidget Spinner or simply Spinner. The gadget is a corpus mounted on bearings. The toy is very easy to launch ‒ just hit the wings and it begins to spin. The principle is like a spinning top. Everyone had this fucking shit. It reassured those who used them and annoyed those who saw it in every small store. 

17. The Cronut

Donut + croissant = Cronut. That’s all.

In 2012, the so-called cronut first appeared and immediately won the hearts of everyone who at least once tried this miracle of baking. 

18. Boxed Mattresses

It’s a night sleep delivery that provides a good mattress to your home. Now we can sleep in comfort without paying a big amount of money. Some sneaky customers even manage to sleep with it for free.

So, guys, let’s hope the 2020s will bring us even more cool innovations!

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