TWIFT | Digital | Musk Invited Tesla Drivers to Play The Witcher

Musk Invited Tesla Drivers to Play The Witcher

Musk Invited Tesla Drivers to Play The Witcher

Founder and CEO of Tesla, billionaire inventor Elon Musk asked his company’s electric car owners if people would like to play the game The Witcher. This is not the first time Musk has been interested in games that drivers prefer. Sometimes these games appear in updates and new firmware for on-board computers in electric cars.

The Witcher is an epic RPG saga developed by CD Projekt RED based on a series of science fiction novels. It revolves around the story of beast hunters with supernatural powers. Musk did not give a hint about what part of Witcher games he means since several games are available today, but the first season of the Witcher series on Netflix is ​​an excellent introduction to the game The Witcher 3.

Well, in the new poll, Musk suggested not just the answer options “yes” and “no”, but “yes, tosses coin” and “no, I have the plague.” Both answers are references to the Witcher universe. So, “Toss a coin to you witcher” is a song from the second episode of the eponymous series, which was released on Netflix before the New Year. This song quickly became popular and generated a lot of memes. The second answer is a reference to the game, namely the Catriona epidemic, which swept Temeria. Musk surveyed Twitter. However, of the 690,000 users who participated in the poll, 85.4% “agreed to toss” and only 14.6% “said they were sick.”

The developers of the game could not stand aside. They have already published a picture that depicts the main character of the saga Geralt. Clutching his head, the Witcher looks at the red Tesla on the roof of a wooden house.

the witcher elon musk game witcher games

This game is one of the most rated ones in history, having received about 800 awards since its debut. With the Netflix series so popular, The Witcher games sales have also grown.

Like other fans of science fiction novels and games, Elon Musk seems to be a fan of the new series, cause he tweeted about it several times. On January 10, Musk posted a message citing the show’s viral song.

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It is not clear what Musk had in mind, because The Witcher is for a fee. However, it seems the creators of the game are not interested in the issue of money, but safety. They were one of the first to respond to a billionaire`s poll by attaching to him a funny picture in which the Witcher scratches his head and asks “what went wrong” looking at the electric car “parked” on the roof of the house.

Users understood the hint and massively wrote that you could play at Tesla’s onboard computer only when the car was parked.

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