TWIFT | Digital | No Builders Needed? 3D Printed Quarter in Mexico

No Builders Needed? 3D Printed Quarter in Mexico

No Builders Needed? 3D Printed Quarter in Mexico

The American organization New Story has opened in Mexico the first region in the world using a 3D printer for home building. 

Poor Mexicans received brand new homes, parts of which were printed on a 3D printer. The price of this home is 1.7 thousand dollars. After installation, it is immediately habitable.

Several big companies of the Tabasco state have built high-tech houses, printed on a 3D printer in the south-east of Mexico. The quarter, manufactured by New Story was created in collaboration with Icon and Échale.

Representatives of New Story ensure that the houses were built following all safety requirements and must withstand earthquakes in case of seismic activity. 

 — “Our main goal is to provide houses for needy families and make it as budgetary and safe as possible for the city,”  — the company said. 

Buildings are intended for those families who live in extremely adverse conditions. One-story houses with an area of ​​46.5 square meters include two bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom with all necessary communications. Now, two houses have already been built, and families selected by the organization will receive houses on credit for 7 years. They will have to pay about $ 20 per month for a house.

A 3D House for 1.7 Thousand Dollars 

It takes a day to print one house. The only thing that the printer can’t do so far is to produce doors, windows, and a roof.

The company said that it “aims to increase efficiency and reduce costs as the project progresses.” The nonprofit organization also expects 48 more homes to be filled with families by next year.

For the construction of houses, the Icon Vulcan II printer was used, squeezing cement from the nozzle in layers, after which it prints the basis of the houses. This process takes no more than 24 hours per house, and then the roof, windows, and doors are manually mounted.

— “The 3D printer for buildings, called the Vulcan II, is designed to work in conditions that are common in rural areas, but the job was not easy. Power can be unpredictable, and local rainfall often flooded access roads to the construction site,” — New Story engineers admitted.

The company’s engineers note that the interior decoration of their modern homes is unnecessary. However, linoleum or carpet can be laid on the concrete floor.

Only imagine, what a great WORLD we live in! 

The buildings are equipped with plumbing and electricity systems. Also, 3D houses are seismically stable.

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