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Rise of the Machines: Be Ready to Fight with a Robot for a Job!

It started several decades ago. Manufacturers delegated work to robots letting machines assemble cars and devices. No one then thought that human work might be in danger and many specialists will become unnecessary. Robots are accurate, they don’t require salaries, they can work 24 hours per day, they rarely make mistakes (only if human operators set their work incorrectly). All this makes them perfect workers. 

Nowadays, when there are artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks which perform even difficult tasks requiring creativity and complex logical thinking, humans encounter with a huge risk:

The risk of being left without their jobs!

You might think that this is complete bullshit and nothing will ever replace us — humans — kings of nature, even AI, but damn, this is a great mistake! And we’re here to explain to you what’s happening. Facts speak for themselves!

deutsche bank robots

What is the Scale of Tragedy?

With the development of the newest technology, industry giants start using it instead of people.

A quick example: almost everyone who has access to the Internet has ordered something from Amazon. It’s not Jeff Bezos who gets your book or iPhone case at a warehouse, though he might have done this in the far 1995. First, robots process your order, if you buy goods with the help of Alexa. Robots get your goods, and if a product needs to be delivered to a client from the US, robots can even tackle the delivery

deutsche bank robots

Let’s look at other industries. Economics and banking — a serious business all over the world, started by the greatest minds of mankind, which is currently using robots! Financial News recently stated that Deutsche Bank is going to replace 18,000 employees with robots over the next three years. Their Head of Operations Mark Matthews noted that they are going to use machine learning algorithms. Why? Unlike humans who require great investments in education and improving working skills, machines can “redistribute capacity and massively increase productivity.”

If you still don’t get the point, they will save 680K hours of manual work and $6.6 BILLION by doing that. These are billions of dollars which are now consisting of YOUR salaries.

Here’s Sofia laughing at that!

deutsche bank robots

McKinsey issued a report in 2017. The industry experts have calculated that more than 800 MILLION jobs performed by people now will be taken by robots. If you follow the link and slide over the infographics in the report, you’ll be horrified! Not only boring physical jobs will be performed by machines, but creative, managerial jobs, and even those that require live communication with clients. 

OMG! What Are We Supposed to Do?

All this seems horrific especially when it comes to the whole planet population – it is approaching the number of 8 billion people.

Can you just imagine the scale of a fuck-up when all these billions of people will become unemployed — there will be riots, robberies, the number of different crimes will dramatically increase. Criminal elements will fight for your iPhone in a dark gateway. Mass murders and wars will begin, and in the end, humanity will simply die out if it does not begin to fight the machines now.

deutsche bank robots

Okay, okay, this is just a joke, but we — people who have brains — should use them for their intended purpose.

Actually, there is a great variety of professions which will be in demand in the future. And if you don’t tear your ass off the couch and start studying the issue now, robots will do your job while you dig in the trash with neighboring rats. 

How to Stay on the Flow?

Are you still here? Well, you are supposed to google for professions of the future. This is not only a trend, but this is also a necessity which will make you rich or at least able to feed a family.

deutsche bank robots

There is a silver lining giving humanity hope that people will be needed for jobs of the 21st century

They require deep technical and specialized knowledge, so be ready to learn and improve your hard skills to win in the fight against machines for a working place. You deserve it! Start learning what’ll be in demand soon or die near a dumpster!

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