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The Console War – Microsoft xCloud vs Google Stadia

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Finger Willy’s Opinion: I, being a gamer myself, can’t wait to try out the new shit from Google. The idea is awesome, but I believe that they will fail with that stadia thing. Fuck it, I’ll stick to my PS.

Microsoft vs Google’s Stadia. New emerging competitors. But how many chances does Microsoft really have against Google’s project? 

The main advantage of Xbox Game

Google Stadia

Now, you can play Xbox games via a Playstation controller on practically any device with a screen – a tablet, a flat TV screen, a proprietary PC monitor, etc. 

According to Kareem Choudhry, this is an amazing advancement for the global gaming industry. Right now, Microsoft is active at customizing the in-house hardware to fit Project xCloud and distributes 2U stacks all over the world. Each stack consists of eight Xbox One S consoles. Later on, they will be replaced by the next-generation platform – Project Scarlett. Scarlett is designed with the default cloud gaming capability in mind.  

Microsoft has also announced the launch of a new wireless controller for Sony’s Playstation 4, which was quite a shocking decision for the global console gaming community. 

As for xCloud, it currently offers 50 games to play in all, which include Ace Combat 7, Borderlands series, Halo 5, Hitman, and other major franchises. Based on the yet unofficial claims, owners of the platform will also get an ability to play The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt absolutely for free. Xbox Live Gold subscription may also be free of charge for xCloud. 

Perhaps, Project Scarlett will be the last console the creation of which is lead by Mr. Choudhry, but the official claims in this matter are also yet to be disclosed. 

Head of the xCloud project – Catherine Gluckstein – emphasizes the fact that the livestream gaming will be available for almost every device out there, making modern gameplay tendencies utterly mobile and accessible.

Surely, Scarlett will still be a direct competitor of Playstation 5. And, considering the overall state of the modern market, games on CDs are still in demand. “That’s why I don’t believe that the console gaming is ending” – Mr. Choudhry notices.  

So, what do we have as for xCloud right now? During the X019 presentation in London, the gameplay was streamed to the simple tablet. Creators had to put some effort into keeping the data stream stable, however. In reality, such streaming would require a fast and stable Internet connection.

Up to date, in order to get a cloud-based videogame to run smoothly, at least 10 Mbit/s-fast Internet access is required. Mr. Choudhry says that he wishes to minimize these requirements.

For instance, for mobile devices, 10 Mbit/s may be too high of a bar. Most probably, xCloud will be optimized further to provide satisfactory performance rates even on slower Internet speeds. “If our streaming wouldn’t work at a lower Internet connection speed, just ignore it!” – Mr. Choudhry states cheerfully. 

The lack of 5G & 4G connection at homes

This is what may turn the situation in favor of physical console sales. On top of everything else, Microsoft claims that experienced gamers would still choose to play on physical consoles instead of going for any novel cloud-based solutions. 

Perhaps, Google currently believes that it managed to push such giants as Sony and Microsoft aside a bit. Stadia, however, has only 12 games instead of xCloud’s 50 working franchises. So the current superiority is obvious. 

According to Catherine Gluckstein, the dedicated studio of Microsoft puts a significant amount of effort into advancing its cloud gaming technology. Gamers from all over the world are curious as to the future of such tendencies. What will the new and updated gaming market be like? Will it be cloud-based or will physical consoles manage to hold on to their domination? We’ll see. 

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