TWIFT | Brexit | MEP reveals two Brexit scenarios ‘terrify’ the EU and will ‘do whatever possible’ to stop

MEP reveals two Brexit scenarios ‘terrify’ the EU and will ‘do whatever possible’ to stop

Brexit outcome: a nightmare for the EU and last shot to stop Great Britain

Living nightmare happens with the European Union, while the UK is trying to get off the bloc. MEPs say, they will do whatever is fucking possible to stop the process.

Boris Johnson pushed Britain to organize elections on Brexit dead-end in December in the House of Commons. Louis Stedman-Bryce, Brexit Party MEP unveiled, that the EU is absolutely spooked of the situation and there are two things about the bloc: they are freaked out to be blamed for negative consequences. And the second creepy thing for them: the prosperity of the UK as an independent nation and a strong competitor.

Louis Stedman-Bryce

According to Louis Stedman-Bryce, Brexit will harm the bloc’s economy. Moreover, it will make other nations to consider, that the UK can be smashingly successful, so maybe we can too. The EU will do its utmost to stop this process by throwing spanner in the works of the prosperous nation.

MEPs’ mood was detected by Mr. Stedman-Bryce exactly the moment of announcement about Britain’s way out of the bloc at the beginning of the new year.

Mr. Stedman-Bryce mentioned, that fifty shades of mood among MEPs about Brexit are quite typical. For example, the MEP from the Netherlands in the personal conversation didn’t support their position, but she understood it.

Recently Boris Johnson commented, that last elections’ voting for the Conservatives was the only fucking path to break the Brexit free from the deadlock after the refusal of Nigel Farage to overshadow his party’s candidates.

Boris Johnson

In his first election’s speech, Mr. Johnson claimed that Britain has to sacrifice several years for inefficient politics because it’s the only way to commit Brexit. In other words, people have to vote for fucking conservatives. Coz any other voting will make Jeremy Corbyn the Prime Minister, while British people would like to see progress in the other spheres.

Jeremy Corbyn

The withdrawal of candidates by Brexit party leader Nigel Farage in 2017 was the act of self-destructive donation in favor of Conservatives. And there were no questions like What the fuck do you think you are doing? It was the method to avoid chaos and dumb referendums in the future.

Donald Tusk, an outgoing European Council President, wasn’t winding up, recently saying, that he did everything possible to reverse Brexit and to extend the time of faffing to change the Brits’ opinion. Sly dog fostered people not to give up. 

Donald Tusk | Dimitar Dilkoff/AFP via Getty Images

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