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I see that you do have something to say. That is why TWIFT is here for you!

TWIFT stands for The Way I Fucking Think. So, now you know


Who we are?

We are a dope-ass platform for bloggers, influencers, all the voices that need to be heard. We want the whole fucking world yo here you!


Why do we do this?

We are tired of boring commercial content or stupid far-fetched posts. We believe that YOU have guts to change the game. Moreover, we really dig cool entertaining content and to have fun.


Why do you need us?

You are thinking to start a career as a blogger, or already is one? Have something to say to the world? We are here to hear from you, reveal and share your content and make you famous! And fuck yeah, we do invest in the promotion!


Yes, we are growing, but we are growing fast as fuck!

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