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Amazon VS Coronavirus Scammers: Who Will Win?

Coronavirus. Amazon. Fake. Coronavirus has caused a stir in society, and this is quite logical‒ people are afraid of this deadly virus and everyone wants to live a long life. People fight the disease, still, there are scammers who want to make money on someone else’s misfortune. The example of such flagrant dishonesty is face cures and overpriced products sold by unscrupulous sellers on Amazon. It’s the case when the phrase “fake fake fake fake fake” should stand before every such product!

Coronavirus Amazon Fake

The Scale of the Tragedy

That’s why the world’s most famous e-commerce giant has decided to fight scammers and has already banned 1+ million claiming to protect from the virus. The retailer told Reuters about thousands of overpriced goods which were also banned.

WHO (the World Health Organization) is strongly concerned about these misleading listings on Amazon, as fake treatments can mean a disaster for ordinary people who will buy these goods and be sure that they are protected while they are not.

To understand how far everything can go, the Covid-19 virus has ALREADY killed more than 2800 people globally!

The organization asked corporations to deal with that fake online shit, as it misleads people who believe everything they see on the web (you don’t do so, ha?).

What’s Up on

If you try to search for the keyword “coronavirus” on Amazon now, you will find thousands of disinfectant wet wipes, face masks or e-books on how to fight viruses. This is how the business works ‒ people make money on every hype topic, even such a horrible one. Still, this is not against the rules, as they don’t provide the global society with false information.

For instance, there were vitamin C fake boosters on, it is an unreal cure, still, people have already spent millions on that shit! So, the e-commerce giant just removes these items from the virtual shelves making dishonest business dead.

Coronavirus Amazon Fake

Other companies do that ‒ BBC, Amazon, eBay, media outlets, search for fakes and delete them immediately. Still, unlike BBC Amazon really takes efforts, as if you search on the media for ‘coronavirus’, a handful of products will appear in the results. And you can be surprised by the prices! Sometimes, such items cost from $1000! We regret some customers believe it’s true and give their money to scammers.

Several Examples

Do you want to see which goods are extremely popular among folks? 50 masks are being sold for $220! The average price for this item is around $50 (for 50 pieces, yup). Products of less quality that used to cost $15 are sold for $50 or more now. Coronavirus has become a trend, even more than Some of the items are even not intended to perform protective functions, for instance, surgical masks or ones covering the face from dust. They won’t help anyone who contacts a person with the virus.

A screenshot of an Amazon search results page for coronavirus returns results for very expensive surgical masks - not rated for infection - advertised as "for coronavirus"
Just look at these prices! Who the fuck will buy that? Well… Someone will do that

Amazon’s Comment on the Situation

The representative of the marketplace states that the company won’t allow gouging on their website. FYI, gouging is hiking up prices due to the growth of demand, which happens without any strong reason.

Also, they cited the Amazon policy that clearly proclaimed that products that confuse customers and ruin their trust should be removed from the market asap. We see that Amazon’s war against scammers has just begun but there are tangible results. And they will win this and next battles without any doubt. Amazon values customer experience the most, so it’s another positive thing about them ‒ a plus to the karma. Finally,

Finally… Have you come across weird coronavirus goods on Amazon or any other e-commerce website? Write “fake fake fake fake fake” in the comments and contact their support team ‒ don’t let the virus of falsity spread across the world!

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