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Cricket is a Gentleman’s Game for Indian Fans

Cricket is a team game in which the players use the ball and the bat. Many centuries ago the game first appeared in England and since then many countries have become fans of this sport. Who would have thought that India would be one of these countries?


A mega-successful league has been created in India: it earns a lot and sets world records on the Internet, children play cricket in their free time in the yards, newspapers write about this game and people even make bets on sites like All this in detail in our article.

A bit of history

Did you know that among the most popular games, cricket rivals only football and boxing? This is the national sport in England, which, after centuries, has not lost its popularity in the English colonies of Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and, of course, India.

Documentary notes about this type of game appeared at the beginning of the 16th century. There have been reports of children playing a ball game with curved bats that are too similar to those used in golf. This information was dated 1598.

Many years later, researchers have not come to a common opinion on how this game came about and where its roots are. Some are inclined to believe that the game has Flemish roots, while others insist it is originally from England. Following one hypothesis, the name of the game comes from the Old English noun cricc (cryce), meaning a stick or crutch.

Although initially, cricket was a children’s game, now adults also play it, doing it so well, that teams, leagues are created, championships are held.

How to play

Of course, in one article it is very difficult to tell all the nuances and subtleties of the game. To do this, we need to write at least several of the same articles. But the basic theory of the game is a grassy field where two teams face off against each other. Each team consists of 11 players. The teams take turns hitting the ball with bats to score points and not let the opponents do it. Unlike football, the game has no timing. The game is a bit like baseball, and the key figures are the bowler and the batsman.

There are a huge number of different cricket championships and leagues, they all have their characteristics and rules. In general, in terms of the number of rules and their variety, cricket ranks first in the world. Not only the rules of the game may be different but also the formats of tournaments, the number of participants, etc.

Cricket in India

India admires cricket. This is the most popular game around which the country built a gorgeous economy. Under a new contract that is valid from 2018 to 2022. Indian Premier League (IPL) media rights are worth $2.6 billion.

It is striking that the IPL has existed for only 10 years, and the first tournament started in 2008.


They played games in the abbreviated Twenty20 format. The game has no timing, but on average it lasts three and a half hours. If you play in a different format, the game can last much longer, about 6 hours. It was in 2003 that cricket got its commercial appeal in India when teams started playing in the Twenty20 format. Since then, the game has become attractive not only as a sporting event but also as an entertaining one. Betting offices appeared, and soon they listed Indian cricket teams on betting sites.

Sport schools in India

Although cricket is so popular in India, until the end of the 19th century, the international Indian team was almost entirely represented by English players. The emergence of the Nayudu Club had a tremendous impact on the development of cricket in India. One entrepreneur in Bombay was a fan of this game. He loved the game so much that he founded a cricket school, created a new team. The school accepted everyone, regardless of caste, and taught the basic skills of the game. And most importantly, this training was free.

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Indians play cricket since childhood. A children’s team can be found in every courtyard on Sunday, and the game can take several days.

For many guys, cricket is not just a hobby. Cricket can lead them to fame and fortune. If a young man is taken to the Indian national cricket team, magnificent prospects open up for him. The player can earn money for a house, a car, and make his dreams and desires come true. The main cricket player is the bowler. He must serve the ball with great speed and do it as accurately as possible. But he also has a goal ‒ a wicket ‒ three posts with crossbars, protected by a batsman.

Cricket betting

We can find many online betting services all over the internet today. Most of these service providers specialize in sports betting. However, online gambling is also a growing trend that should not be overlooked. While there are many markets to choose from, they limited many of these online service providers in different parts of the world. Now the providers of such services offer not only to bet on the outcome of the cricket game but also on the outcome of events related not only to the process of the game but also to the players in general.

The laws in India regarding this issue are not straightforward. According to the law, any form of gambling is illegal. However, the government did not sanction online gambling at all. This means that on sites like you can even bet on how many cups of coffee Pandya will drink on Sunday morning.

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