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Discord account age. The War Against Discord.

Recently I came across an article that excited me. The topic of the article and further discussion was Discord account age and Discord in general. First, I’ll explain so that you can understand what pissed me off.

Its developers position their product as free text and voice chat for gamers but from my experience, I can say that it is not only gamers who use it. I also met Discord communities of programmers, music and film lovers, LGBT people, fans to discuss politics, etc.

The app’s direct competitors are Skype and TeamSpeak, which the developers of the program openly declare on the main page of their product. So this is a free communication program with a huge amount of advantages. Although there are enough disadvantages.

The main purpose of the article was that Discord is a harmful program for children and adolescents. The author spoke about various types of jokes like 9/11 jokes, racist memes and kids telling each other “Go kill yourself.” Discord allows you to talk on any topic with any people but mostly to gamers (as I said before). This woman refers to the words of psychologists who accuse the discord of the fact that there is so much bullying, offensive behavior, etc.

Words of an excerpt:

Adam Pletter, a child psychologist in Maryland, estimates that about 20% of his gamer patients say they’ve been harassed while on Discord.

“I have several patients who take the attacks on Discord very personally because they often go to school with the same kids. They may struggle socially at school during the day and the same kids are even meaner on Discord,” he said. Patients with ADHD, depression, and anxiety are more susceptible to bullying.

Also, Discord account age is set there. No verification – no problem, this is the Internet. You can visit any porn site without problems even if you are 10!

After that, the author of the article advised parents to limit or control how their children talk there in discord and whether they are offended.

This article has some correct thoughts and arguments. But Hey, why Discord, you can blame absolutely any program with voice and text chats. Moreover, this program is perhaps the best of its kind.


There is a very good table showing the functionality of this program and the main differences of Discord compared to other VoIP. Among other things, the excellent sound quality and the ability to individually adjust the volume for each speaker are not indicated in comparison ‒ this is how the problem is solved when a person’s microphone is set up very loudly or vice versa.

The program can be launched from a browser, there are also desktop applications for popular platforms as well as mobile for iOS and Android. Basically, all the “chips” Discord will be felt by gamers and streamers.

When you start a game, Discord displays the name of the game under your nickname.

Discord can be associated with your accounts of popular services (e.g. Steam or so that your partners can easily find you.

Also, a convenient overlay is embedded in full-screen applications, in which a list of users of your current voice channel is visible. Client settings are very flexible, I don’t see any point in listing them.

If you start the stream, all server users will see this; when they click on your nickname, the user will automatically be transferred to your Twitch or YouTube channel.

In addition to all this, there are many other interesting “goodies”:

  • ability to add pictures and files in text channels;
  • ability to embed links;
  • and also a video from YouTube;
  • there is support for Emoji + uploading your own emoticons to the server.

A typical Discord server consists of several text and voice channels. Communication through text channels is very similar to the old favorite IRC. Communication through voice channels is more reminiscent, of course, of TeamSpeak.

The main difference from the same TeamSpeak and IRC is that you don’t need to host your Discord server on a separate machine, you don’t need to run a separate application, everything is located in the cloud. Every user can create their own community without any difficulties through the Discord client.

Server settings are also very flexible. It is possible to create roles, assign separate rights to different functions and channels to individual groups of people, etc.

The program is constantly updated, new features and fixes are also added, developers actively listen to the community. There is also an opportunity to join the Discord affiliate program to make money on your community.

Do I Hate Discord or People?

Considering all this, why does some strange woman think this program is bad? That’s bullshit.

The fact is that everything depends specifically on the children and their parents but not on the program. Children who are offended at Discord can be offended also on the street, at school, on the rest of the Internet. Let’s forbid them to go to school or take their mobile phones.

It is nonsense to say “I hate discord”. It’s just a prog. Even the worst discord servers are just servers with people. You can hate @someone discord, not the program itself. 

Yes, there are several cons. For example, angry ping discord or strange situations when discord says that I’m playing a game when I’m not. But it is only a few bugs that exist in any fucking popular program. 

I agree that many children are harassed by peers. This is wrong, but to say that the program is wrong is stupid. The program itself only made it easier for people to communicate with each other, Discord has all the conditions for the most comfortable communication during the game and beyond. You can just mute everybody who harasses you.

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