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Crapper amnesia. 10 years flushed in the toilet

The Tragic Trip to the Toilet: What You Shouldn’t Do in the Toilet

Do you want to forget the last 10 years of your life? Just go to the toilet and tense yourself up at least once in your life. Perhaps a resident of Asia didn’t want to erase a part of her precious gray brain matter, but that also happens. How did it happen that going to the toilet almost changed a person’s life so dramatically fast? How not to lose your brains in a toilet? Read in our material.

In life, you must be sure of one thing: more than enough is too much. Who knew that in Asia this proverb would be suitable for such a ridiculous case.

The girl went to the toilet, and because of constipation, she had tried so hard with vain attempts. Perhaps she accepted that challenge and imagined that she was present at childbirth. Unfortunately, she didn’t win the war with her difficult organism; That sly one gave her an answer in the form of the absence of the last ten years of her life. Well, if the last years were not very good, there is nothing to feel sad about. Is some years it is better not to remember, it is useful to make a big push.

But if an Asian woman was studying languages, wrote a dissertation, got her Ph.D. or was told how to prevent wars and save the world from starvation, extinction, what to do then? A regular trip to the toilet, guys, can lead us all to the grave! The problem is fucking global and shitty, we recommend to take it out at the United Nations meeting.

It was possible to press the red button and shout: “SOS, help”… But as it turned out, the memory of soon returned to the poor Asian woman. Before she was miraculously saved, relatives took the puzzled Asian resident to the hospital.

Imagine how she was surprised when she woke up in the toilet, and then people in white coats began to carry her. Here you can instantly get rid of constipation in only five minutes. It’s terrible… Then an Asian woman remembered her adventures, maybe about her children, but maybe loans.

We wonder if there is any news that she again tried to go to the toilet to forget all the fucking shit in her life!

Amnesia of Asian woman lasted eight hours. Then the doctors determined that the brain was functioning stably again. By the way, the only thing that she forgot was those eight hours of wasted time. It’s interesting whether did she go to the toilet, or not. She tried so hard, poor baby.

Peng Jahon, a doctor of neurology, tried to explain this weird toilet phenomenon. In medicine, this phenomenon is called transient global amnesia when the oxygen to the brain is cut off. Hmm… while reading about this diagnosis, it seemed that amnesia also appeared temporarily. Everything’s very interesting, but it’s not clear what the hell it is.

And what is it in normal parlance? The woman had constipation, she overstrained a little and lost her memory for a couple of hours as a punishment. The law of life is when a woman is overstrained, something weird is going on up to happen. One thing is okay that cases of memory loss in the toilet are a rarity in our world. According to scientists, people who pick up heavy things or trigger with emotional turbulence tend to suffer from this kind of amnesia.

Fuck, perhaps half of our readers will start to worry a little about their toilet life right now! The worst thing is that you not only risk losing memory but also getting a stroke. In short, guys, eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and forget about such gags in the toilet because it’s not so funny.


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