TWIFT | Digital | Dropping a shit in the high-tech style

Dropping a shit in the high-tech style

Japan is known not only for giving to the world wonderful things like manga and hentai, but also for creating the most high-tech toilets. These crappers can do almost everything… It’s a whole new experience, the most futuristic way to cut the brownies. 

hight tech toilet

The japanese facebook chair can open up when you approach it. The loo can also warm up your ice-cold heart or at least your ars. The shitload of options on the control panel, however, can be confusing. Imagine walking in the poopatorium and on the upper decker you find more than 15 buttons in Japanese and you don’t know which one to press.  Strange symbols with sprays going into every direction. Therefor you start randomly pushing every single one of them, so the wiz box starts making fucked up noize. In the end you find the flush is on the other side… 

hight tech toilet

It’s a bit too complicated for the poopers who like it simple. But for the japanese hygiene is very important. People wash their bodies before entering a bath and they take off their shoes when entering their home.

japan toilet

Such sci-fi thrones can be found everywhere in Japan-in public toilets, hotels and in people’s homes. Known for being a tech-savvy population of over 126 million, the market for washlets is huge. At toilet manufacturer Toto’s showroom in Tokyo, the latest toilet technology is on display. From the bog standard one to the most advanced, there’s a choice for everyone. But it can be expensive. From a starting price of around 25,000 JPY (US$232) some go well over 1 million JPY (US$9,300).

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