TWIFT | Lifestyle | Indian Godman Concerned With Safekeeping Bill Gates’ Money Until His Reincarnation, Is Accused In Kidnapping And Child Molesting

Indian Godman Concerned With Safekeeping Bill Gates’ Money Until His Reincarnation, Is Accused In Kidnapping And Child Molesting

Nithyananda is sure to be the main topic of discussion for various social groups for quite some time. He has a rather scandalous reputation, especially when it takes his alleged criminal affairs. He was often accused of weird sexual intercourses, kidnapping and child abuse. It was all taking place in the ascetic’s ashram – a ritual living district of Hindu Goddesses and women. The place is located in Ahmedabad, in the western part of Gujarat state. At the moment, police are looking for Nithyananda, who has successfully escaped the prison. 

The 41 years old spiritualist joins the ranks of such “godmen”, among such people as Asaram Bapu, Rampal, and Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan – all prosecuted with sexual assaults in the last several years. All of them are proponents of pseudo-scientific “wonders”.

Among their famous “miracles” are such: attempts at teaching aminals to understand and speak human language, claims to safe keep Bill Gates’ bank fortune for his next reincarnation in a new body, and others. These public statements amuse the indigenous Indians and cause a tide of ridicule in the Nithyananda followers’ direction. But in spite of all the mocking, the media proclaims the proceeds from the rich of followers and fans empire of such “miracles” to be milliards of rupees. 

The cherubic guru believes himself to be a manifestation of God in his alleged supernatural powers. Despite that, the divine essence doesn’t stop him from unholy deeds.

Sex And The Holy Healer

Rajasekaran (the original name of Nithyananda) was born on January 1, 1978, in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu. He studied mechanical engineering before choosing the spiritual life path. His grandfather influenced him in this decision. In the year 1995, Rajasekaran joined Ramakrishna Math in Chennai, Tamil Nadu state. 

In 2003 Nithyananda began to live a public life. The same year, he created Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam in Bidadi, not far away from Bengaluru. There he played the role of a spiritual healer — fended off hard diseases such as cancer and aided those suffering from crippling depression.

Apparently, his healing talents were not sufficient to bring him the national popularity he wanted, so he decided to gain recognition through the sexual practices. By the year 2010, Nithyananda and his apprentice-movie star Ranjitha were on the news. TV stations cast the hidden cam videos of the two engaging in sexual activities. The “actors” claimed the movies to be edited.

In 2012, the godman was accused in sexual assaults. The reports to the police were written by several of his female followers. He decided not to evade the punishment and surrender to the Bengaluru police forces. He was sentenced to close down his ashram. After this judicial decision, he called the chief minister DV Sadananda Gowda, who was passing a sentence, — “sex swami”.

After the sentence, the healer disappeared from the radars for some time. He was hiding from the public, not showing and activity whatsoever. There are rumors, that having gained some experience the hard way, he currently signs contracts with his followers, which deal with the compensations in case if something goes wrong. NewsMinute construes them as sort of “sex contracts”, which oblige the followers not to disclose any information about Nithyananda’s teaching methods that he uses to “pass his wisdom”.

One of the clauses in the contract is especially disturbing. It states that a follower must realize that the practices may involve ancient tantric methodologies of releasing the energy. They are based on using sexual energy to increase spiritual connectivity, pleasure, harmony and freedom. One of the main goals of such activity is to achieve ecstasy, both for women and for men. A volunteer must also be completely conscious of the spiritual release involving breaking the psychological and physical barriers. The teachings do not exclude such aspects as nudity, access to visual imagery, description of nudity and sexual intercourse, close physical intimacy, verbal and written descriptions and audio sounds of a sexual context, oriented at depicting the erotic human nature, etc.

Despite the outrageous nature of the contracts, it seems that the number of followers is not shrinking. Only a few years ago, Nithyananda has radically changed his ways and began to use digital channels for distribution of his teachings. In his YouTube videos, he appeared as God himself. Nithyananda has matured, gained some weight, and sat on a rotating throne, surrounded by his shameless followers. He was praised and sang to. In some of these videos, he plays the role of God spreading out his blessing adorned with computer graphics.

Nithyananda and Bill Gates

Going through the videos of the magician, you will notice that his teachings are mainly aimed at different miracles, pseudo-scientific nonsense and all that is connected with energies. His videos are available in English, Tamil and Sanskrit, accompanied by percussions and banging drums as he utters his speech. 

In his show, Rajiv Malhotra discusses with Nithyananda the possibility of transferring the material Bill Gates’ wealth into his next reincarnation. Apparently, this message is addressed to Bill Gates himself.

The “scientist” also firmly convinced, that Albert Einstein’s equations on energy and matter are totally wrong.

Some of his videos highlight his silhouette with a shining glow to emphasize the radiating energy, which he often refers to.

One of his recent tweets about “enlighting” kids is concerning. Especially, keeping in mind his alleged child molesting past.

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