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Google’s Stadia Controller Improvements

Google has decided to specifically revise the functionality of its game controller for the Google Stadia cloud gaming platform, adding support for USB-C headsets from third parties. Initially, in the Stadia controller, this connector was made to provide users with the ability to interact with the Google voice Assistant, and only then apply it in other aspects. It is worth noting that the Stadia Controller offers really interesting functionality at the moment, so Google’s decision to add a new algorithm for supporting USB-C headsets has become quite reasonable.

Stadia Controller

Besides, Stadia Controller is becoming more and more accurate and indicative in terms of game-like functionality, replenishing with various additions. With all types of USB-C headphones becoming more and more popular in the peripheral and accessory market, it becomes clear why Google has decided to switch to improving this aspect of the Stadia Controller. The reason is that more and more users prefer to use third-party ones, much richer in functionality and features of the gaming format headsets.

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At the same time, it is worth noting the important fact that when connected to a Chromecast player, the controller automatically enters the home Wi-Fi network as a separate device that can be configured and used in the same way, not to mention some additional aspects. Thus, Google has more and more interesting points regarding the use of the controller in different game scenarios and situations.

It is not yet entirely clear in which direction the development of the cloud gaming service Google Stadia itself is going, but it can be assumed that in the future, Google will pay special attention to the possibility of adding more functions and features for interaction between players, because in the gaming environment this aspect is the most unique point. It also remains to wait for the official news from Google regarding further improvements to the Stadia controller.

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