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Sexy Corvette C8 — Superstar Sports Car of 2020

Not so long ago, mid-engined Audi R8 caused quite a stir, so Chevrolet didn’t want to be left behind and rolled out their automobile masterpiece with its engine in the middle. Are you ready to dive into the universe of perfect steering? That’s it — new Corvette — the car which won’t be forgotten in the nearest decades and won’t leave anyone indifferent.


Exotism Can Be Affordable!

Well, it’s not Malibu, Cruze, Impala and even Camaro! Corvettes are always faster, more stylish, have pleasant sound and people confess that it is ideal when it comes to driving. And this awesome sports car is much cheaper than its competitors which can’t be even called ‘competitors’, as ‘Vette might take the first place in all the rates! The sports car has mighty 490 hp, 365 kW and costs around $60K!
Unimaginable CHEAP price! Still, this is a basic version with not much luxury equipment inside. Still, even if you are not rich, you can afford 2020 C8 and every girl you know will see a line ‘The guy of my dream’ above your head when you’ll be driving this babe in the sunset. 

Speed and Power

So, we are already aware that a new Chevrolet Corvette has a 460 horsepower engine. Some of you wonder why so few, but believe us, this beauty with Z51 package (that costs extra $5,000, by the way) will take you from 0 to 100 in just 2.9 seconds. Even without Z51, it will reach the 100 kmph speed in three seconds. This is achieved thanks to its incredibly lightweight and acceleration characteristics.


The model is equipped with an improved LT2 V8 of 6.2 liters (Hey there, muscle car fans, you’ve been waiting for that, right?). Compared to Chevy’s LT1 engine, this one is more innovative and brings the performance to a new level. Mike Kociba, Assistant Chief Engineer, said that they have made a complete overhaul for this one, and it’s not another form of the previous LT1, not LT1.2 but an entirely new version! The main changes are revised camshafts with the increased duration of valve lift, the intake manifold was also renewed as well as plenum volume. Also, they brought innovation to the car’s exhaust as well — it now uses 4-into-1 twisted headers and makes the weight of Corvette 2020 lighter.

Chevrolet confesses that this new Corvette Stingray is the quickest base model EVER (of course, in the history of ‘Vettes only). Alex MacDonald, their vehicle performance manager, told in his interview that the performance of the new model has even exceeded everyone’s expectations, including their own.

EXCELLENT, right? And you get all this for only $60K, keep that in mind, man!

Interior and Exterior

First of all, let’s see how it looks like, and it is really a gorgeous car. Energetic lines move stylishly into one another, and your sight is just glued to the body, and now, you are already running into an automobile salon, waving your credit card and shouting “Take my money!” to get into this “Ferrari for the Poor” as soon as possible. Oh yes, ‘Vette looks so charming!

Chevrolet offers it in 12 colors. Some of them are traditionally free, but if you want to be a magnet for girls, you will have to pay $500 extra for Rapid Blue and Yellow Metallic; and $995 for Sebring Orange Tincoat or Long Beach Red Metallic Tincoat. In our opinion, the last two options are totally worth this money.

For free, you can get only White, Gray, Black, usual Red, Blue, and Bronze.  


This baby costs by almost $1 thousand more, but just look at it – worth every dollar spent!


Also, Corvette C8’s exterior can be customized, here are the available options:

  • The brake calipers of red, yellow or Edge Red color will cost extra $595.
  • Racing stripes of 2 shades of gray (nothing to do with 50, though…) and Carbon Flash cost $995.
  • For the custom exterior trim of body color or Dark Metallic, you’d pay $995 more.
  • A custom transparent roof costs extra $995 while carbon fiber can be got for $2,495! Also, there are dual roof packages of $1,995 (body color) and $3,495 for carbon fiber.

As for the interior, it is also very good-looking. Ergonomically placed buttons, a large screen, finally, convenient steering wheel makes it a place where you want to spend hours and hours again!


Driving Full of Impressions

Be you a fan of sports cars and supercars or not, engineering excellence and high performance are obvious here. Fast driving is harmonically combined with great comfort and low noise level. The only sound you want to and will hear is the pleasant and powerful rumbling of your V8 engine. 

The only drawback is that the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette wasn’t properly tested for safety. Of course, we can base our suggestions on other General Motors’ vehicles which are usually safe, still, since we haven’t seen any numbers and results, there is room for doubt. Nevertheless, we hope that it is as safe as the C7 Corvette version. 


Finally, if you want to feel like one with the car, when the steering wheel is listening to your hands, responding to every millimeter of movement… when the gas pedal makes it accelerate a little or immediately jump ahead… when you are ready to wipe away the tears of happiness when leaving the parking lot, because your car is perfection and even the neighboring Porsche 911 and Ferrari 488 do not cause such emotions… know, you made the right choice! 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 will provide you with the brightest emotions ever when you rush beyond the horizon, to that very vanishing point, accelerating to 100 kilometers per hour in just 3 seconds!

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