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Much Anticipated WhatsApp Update Revealed by Mark Zuckerberg

WhatsApp is a messenger that we all use. It is full of many cool items and features. However, the multiple device sync and iPad app were missing. Up till now, that is.

The representatives of different media resources claim that Mark Zuckerberg and Will Cathcart (the head of WhatsApp) were answering questions in direct chats. And surprisingly – the information is genuine.

The sole fact the Facebook CEO joined the chat with media representatives is by itself a surprising thing. Moreover, he stated that in addition to the already existing feature of disappearing messages, the team added a full mode, which makes messages temporal. The “single time view” is also anticipated. That means that the messages will cease to exist once the recipient sees them. All of those are aimed at contradicting the claims that WhatsApp is an insecure messaging solution and is not private enough.

After that, the conversation highlighted something all of us have been waiting for a long time – multiple device synchronization. This would take into account the much-anticipated iPad application. Zuckerberg ascertained that this feature is expected to be included in the updates as well.

As the media representatives undersigned – it was impossible to use the same account on multiple devices without an active Internet connection of the main device. Zuckerberg’s reply focused on the fact that it’s been technically challenging for the WhatsApp team to implement such a feature and make the content sync properly among the devices. According to him, the issue has been solved and is expected to be introduced with the upcoming updates.

Now, what is an actual period during which these long-waited features will be released? 

There was a crystal-clear answer for that. The beta release of multiple device synchronization features is expected to be implemented in a month or two. The users will have the possibility to give a shot at using the new features and bring their feedback comments straight to the WhatsApp support team.

Will Cathcart expressed a longing desire to support the iPad users, however, when he was asked directly if the released beta will have such an option, the answer was far too vague. After two years of waiting, iOS users still haven’t received any news on the iPad app. The WhatsApp CEO claimed he was fully aware of the people’s desire to get into beta on all iOS devices. However, everything he was able to say was that he would certainly instruct the team to look up to the matter. Well, here comes nothing. The issue has not moved from a steady point during those couple of years.

As well, it is necessary to note that in the beta version, the number of devices one can link to the account is limited to four. Good or bad – this is something users will decide.

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Anyway, the fact that Mark Zuckerberg and Will Cathcart opted for a straight live conversion should be saying something. The way they behaved and answered the questions shows their desire to omit to be shady with their customers. The information provided by them brings WhatsApp one step higher in terms of convenience and adequacy of usage.

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