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Men Want One Thing More Than Sex

The eternal freaking question of both men and women: does a man need something more than sex?! Yeah, men have other needs, but men want one thing more than sex, so what is their priority?

The girls want to get a little closer to the mysterious men’s life. Well, men are trying to analyze themselves too. So, what does the stronger sex need more than sexy girls, and what do we want in life to feel okay? Read answers from Jed Diamond and tips from his new book 12 Rules for Good Men.

On September 19, 2019, Jed Diamond released a cool book 12 Rules for Good Men. What it’s about? Men, sex, the secret to success… It may sound somehow strange, but in fact, damn interesting again! The truth is that the fucking genius wants to convey us that men do not want anything more than a fucking cool night with sexy beauty. But the wish list will never come to an end. Just remember about food, restroom, and other fun little things. Well, it turns out that some men have a warm heart that prefers one female for hundreds of years because cock just gets hard on another not beloved girl.

Opening the Curtain on the Fierce Truth: Why Sex is So Important to Men

After reading the review from the author of 12 Rules for Good Men, it becomes clear that this is a very important area of hard men’s life. Here women just have to brainwash! Diamond said that men will not be able to live normally and won’t be happy without sex. It’s a fucking surprise and I feel an urgent need to inform the media. Great discovery! Laugh, but it’s obvious. A man needs sex just how the earth needs sun, fish needs water, a woman ‒ iPhone 10 pink. No offense, Diamond!

Now the message for the females: do not fuck the brain of your male for the fact that he likes the strawberries since this is laid at the instinctive level. If a man is alive (the needs of his penis no longer bother a dead man), free and doesn’t suffer from ailments because of which he is physically unable to have sex, then he has sex. That’s all. 

Nothing in the world makes a man happier than sex. Even a precise hit in the hole on the golf course, neither a three-pointer straight to the basket nor the best of drugs. Sex is far better than these. A man feels pleasure, which cannot be compared with anything, feels that the tension that tormented his body and soul has disappeared without a trace, he sees how the level of self-esteem rises in front of her eyes. But wait, there is one thing men want more than sex. 

Sex is Not Love

Sensations during sex can compete with any other emotions that a man experiences in life. After sex, the vent valve seems to be triggered: all the accumulated steam, pressure and energy are released and the person feels like a perfect well-functioning mechanics, and for the sake of the machine components ‒ the body, soul, and mind ‒ work properly, men are ready to do anything just to have sex. The desire to get satisfaction is fucking irresistible.

Women should understand that sometimes this is just an act, nothing more. Perhaps for someone, this idea is not new, but men always share sex and love. Well, having sex with a woman who is beautiful, a man gets much more pleasure, especially if she knows how to feel it. But the man doesn’t experience any difficulties when he coldly leaves the woman immediately after a hard fuck. There is no need to talk to her, to share feelings. And if he remains to give her a little cuddle and purr gentle words in her ears when everything has already happened, most likely he does it insincerely. He just tries to get the opportunity to come to her again and get sexual release. 

12 Rules for Good Men: Tips from Jed Diamond 

If to believe Jed Diamond, men don’t want anything more than sex. Well, maybe sex mixed with love. They want to rain money to get anything they want in life. According to the author of the new book 12 Rules for Good Men, thoughts about the past prompted him to create a masterpiece. In his youth, Jed dreamed of becoming a billionaire, so that he was surrounded by women washing him with love, sex, euphoria. Just normal desires for a normal teenager. Jed believes that other men should become as honest as he is. So, you can not hide the fact that sex, love and a full wallet of money is happiness for every man. Success is one thing men want more than sex. 

12 Rules for Good Men tells us that only a man who has found his fulfillment in life can be truly happy. This can be said about women too. True, there are more requirements for men, they have more tasks since ancient times. Every man should be a reliable male who can find dinner for his female, help the woman understand what she needs, and so on. If a man does not fulfill the role of a breadwinner, doesn’t feel confident, he won’t have sex, except with a prostitute but it’s not the same. That’s what men want more than sex ‒ this one thing! High comes when the girl comes first to bed, undresses, sucks then feeds you and puts to sleep. This is her inner desire, she sees a man, for whom she feels ready to do anything. 

How is Sex Related to Success?

Being successful is one thing men want more than sex. When a woman sees that man is successful and jumps to his bed, a man feels “I’m fucking cool” and gets even more pleasure. This doesn’t happen when he fucks with a whore. There is a strong relationship between success and sex ‒ when you are successful and feel yourself like that cool guy, you’ll have sex.

Jed says that first of all man must show himself that he is an alpha male, the best and the first one for her, otherwise, he won’t get full pleasure and happiness too. All is too much fucking interconnected, so you still have to use your brain wisely to be happy with fuck. 

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