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New Kind Of Awesome Girls On Tik Tok

One of the most popular US searches in 2019 was the e-girls and e-boys clothing style. I would tell you who they are, why they are all discussed and what does Tik Tok has to do with it.


The term e-girl (literally “electronic girl”) appeared in 2009 and was initially considered derogatory. According to the Urban Dictionary, they are so-called gamers and streamers who try to attract viewers to their channels on Twitch and YouTube due to their eccentric and sexy appearance. Over time, many of them began to not only flirt with users for the sake of increasing views of live broadcasts but also send out nude photos for money. In 2013, the Urban Dictionary introduced a new designation of e-girl as an awesome girl of low moral principles, “it was like calling someone corrupt and lascivious.”

New Connotation

Everything has changed thanks to TikTok, a Chinese social network that allows you to share short music videos. In 2019, it became one of the most downloaded applications in the world, overtaking Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube and attracting a huge number of advertisers ‒ from fashion houses to chewing gum manufacturers. 

To gain popularity on TikTok and enter into partnerships with global brands or by integrating services to advertise their profile on Instagram, Tk Tok girl grimace at the camera, play dialogs from films and transform into various characters, including e-girl. “Maybe I can get your attention and finally get more likes?” asked the desperate, drawing hearts under the eyes, putting blush on her cheeks and trying on ultra-short skirts and multi-colored wigs. Frankly, I’d like to say to one of those sexy awesome beauties: “Hey Girl, call me!” 

tik tok girls

The image of a new cute girl was so vivid that it quickly spread and parodied by those who did not know the original meaning of the term. On TikTok, a separate hashtag #Efactorygirl even appeared, under which the girls posted the same type of cool-girl video with their transformations from ordinary teenagers into a mixture of Billy Elish and Sailor Moon. 

In February 2019, YouTube blogger MyNameIsBelieve combined the most interesting images into a five-minute clip for e-girl / e-boy Tik Tok compilation. By the end of the year, more than 600 thousand people watched it.

Today’s definition of the e-girl style in the Urban Dictionary already sounds like this: “a variation of emo that is common on the TikTok and Tumblr platforms. They can be recognized by pink eyeshadows, small hearts under the eyes and a red nose. Usually, they wear street brand t-shirts over a long sleeve and dance to the TeddyLoid song “Me! Me! Me!”. The e-girls position themselves as “awesome girls who create Internet content and look peculiar and alternative.” 

tik tok girls

Kind of Emo

E-girl really looks like emo: short skirts, striped long sleeves, brightly summed eyes and hair of unnatural, mostly pink, shades. However, unlike representatives of the subculture, widespread in 2007, Generation Z dresses up exclusively to create content! People characterize the e-girl as “a phenomenon that exists mainly in the privacy of one’s own bedroom”. So, in everyday life, they are ordinary teenagers in unremarkable clothing ‒ a parka purchased at Urban Outfitters and a hat that her grandmother made to wear.

tik tok girls

Although the meaning of the term has changed, the attitude towards the phenomenon remains the same. Users far from TikTok continue to insult, shame and not accept e-girls. Last summer awesome girls themselves began to talk massively about that. The reason for the revelation was the death of one of the most popular users of TikTok ‒ 17-year-old Bianca Devins. She was killed by her friend, 21-year-old Brandon Andrew Clark, which became known after he posted photos of the bloodied body on the Web.

In contrast to the brutal content, teenagers began to upload through e-girls images of cats, flowers and teddy bears, and at the same time share their experiences under the hashtag #RIPBianca. “Learning about Bianca was terrible,” said Ashley Aldridge, an e-girl. “I worry that such things happen all the time. I’m afraid that someone will recognize me in real life and begin to pursue me.”

tik tok girls

However, not all bloggers think like Ashley. 22-year-old Bella McFadden, known on Instagram and YouTube under the nickname “internetgirl”, is not afraid to go in vivid images outside her own bedroom. Her short skirts, low-necked tops, acid wigs, and dresses, like those of Natalie Portman in the movie “Intimacy,” appear in urban locations. She has 360 thousand subscribers for courage.

tik tok girls

Tik Tok E-girl and E-boy Style

By the search query “e-girls”, first of all, Google gives a link to the Japanese musical group of the same name, which appeared long before the subculture spread back in 2010. However, TikTok bloggers have nothing to do with them, but they are very similar to another symbol of the nation ‒ the anime character Sailor Moon. 

tik tok girls

This is due to two tails tied to the head and a crescent moon drawn on the forehead, to which the Tik Tok girls pick up less infantile things: a Breton-striped long sleeve t-shirt, a plaid skirt, a T-shirt with loud slogans, as well as leather over the knee boots and bright leggings. To attract special attention, e-girls use chains, chokers, riveted belts, and bracelets ‒ in general, everything that can clatter to the beat of 6IX9INE and Lil Peep music.

E-girl Makeup

The most memorable thing when we talk about E-girl is an image that includes hair dyed in bright pink or blue shades. If you are not ready to fundamentally change the color of your hair, the hair gathered in two tails will suit you. And of course, makeup is the most memorable part of the Tik Tok e-girl look: eyes with arrows and bright pink blush on the cheekbones and nose bridge. All this creates an unusual and dreamy image. This image is complemented by painted freckles and small hearts on the cheekbones. Hawaiian makeup is another hallmark of this new trend.

tik tok girls

E-girl Clothing Style

The e-girl list of items includes large-size T-shirts or mesh topics, complemented by jeans or high-waisted trousers. This is the perfect combination of soft casual and light pretentiousness, giving the image a recognizable style. The turtleneck, which is dressed under a T-shirt with the logo of your favorite hard rock band or anime series, is another distinguishing feature of the Tik Tok e-girl look. And of course, no new cute girl list of things can do without a pair of flame-shirts. When it comes to shoes, you have a huge choice: high-soled sneakers or Vans checkered sneakers fit perfectly into the aesthetics.

tik tok girls

E-girl Accessories

Multi-colored hair clips and piercings ‒ this is another distinctive image of E-girl. Do you already have a silver chain with a small lock? You need more chains! Key chain, neck chain, and chain earrings. A Tik Tok E-girl list of things cannot be complete without a lot of chains. Do not forget about tiny sunglasses and bracelets.

tik tok girls

E-girl Checklist On Tik Tok 

• hairpins

• hairbands

• T-shirt with long sleeves

• belt with two rows of holes

• high waist pants or jeans

• Vans sneakers (Vans Old Skool or Vans plaid)

• Dr. Martens platform shoes

• Polaroid camera

• silver chain with a lock

• liner for the eyes

• Milk Star Stamp

• music: Tyler, The Creator; Frank Ocean Brockhampton

It’s not important whether you wanna be a new cute E-girl or you want to watch cool girl videos, this new internet subculture will be remembered. 

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