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Frankfurt “Electricity” Motor Show

Frankfurt “Electricity” Motor Show

A recent Motor Show took place in Frankfurt. It was shown a wide variety of new products in the auto industry. But more importantly, most of the exhibits were hybrids or electric cars. Due to the progress of electric cars in the world, it is not surprising that the show was filled with this type of vehicle.

It’s impossible to list all of them. I simply don’t have enough time for that and you’ll get tired of reading all this stuff. Therefore, I chose the most remarkable of them, which I will present to you. I’ll start with an ace.



The Lamborghini Sian will receive the already familiar 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12, which is used in the Aventador SVJ. But this motor is reinforced with a 48-volt hybrid system that adds 34 hp. power. In total, the new Sian will receive 819 hp. And it is more powerful than the Aventador AVJ.

Frankfurt Motor Show

A seven-speed automatic adaptive gearbox drives both axles. And to help the driver, a mechanical limited-slip differential is also installed. The new Lamborghini accelerates 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds, and the maximum speed is declared at 350 km/h.  The appearance of Lamborghini Sian continues the ideas of the concept of Lamborghini Terzo Millennio. There is less drama, but many design decisions are quite recognizable. And, above all, it concerns the ideal proportions of a supercar.

On the sides of the rear wing, you can see the number “63”. That is how much Sian is going to build Lamborghini. And each of these supercars cost $3.6 million. But, as they say, this amount also includes the services of the factory program of individualization.


This year, the Hyundai Motor booth at the Frankfurt International Motor Show will be created by the STYLE SET FREE concept, which was first demonstrated in January 2019 at the CES Worldwide Consumer Electronics Show. STYLE SET FREE — Hyundai’s new personalized vehicle design strategy is based on future autonomous driving developments and allows users to fully customize and update driving conditions to suit their lifestyle.

Frankfurt Motor Show

The electric concept “45”, one of the brand’s show-stoppers at the Frankfurt Motor Show, will be the epitome of a new style in which future Hyundai electriс cars will be created.

The new concept emphasizes the progressive direction of brand design and represents the evolution of Hyundai’s style — Sensuous Sportiness. “Sensual” in this context means enhancing the emotional values ​​that customers can experience through design, and “Sportiness” means a willingness to realize these values ​​using innovative mobile solutions.


The appearance of the Byton M-Byte crossover is deceiving. One thing is undeniable, it has the largest display ever installed in a car. The diagonal is 48 inches.

And he is impressive. The screen occupies the entire dashboard, but besides it, there are five seats, two more displays for rear passengers, a glass panoramic roof, a huge luggage compartment, and fully LED optics. Everything is very modern.

Frankfurt Motor Show

Byton officially announced that its crossover will go on sale in the European market in 2021. And the Europeans will pay 45000 euros for it. At the same time, the M-Byte promises a 360-kilometer power reserve, which is guaranteed by a 72 kW/h battery. The only electric motor with a capacity of 272 hp drives the crossover. What should be enough for the stated sportiness? But this is the basic version.

The next step is two electric motors with a total capacity of 400 hp, a 95-kilowatt battery and a cruising range of 435 kilometers. At the same time, the high-speed charging system supports a network power of up to 150 kW. However, for how long you can charge the battery, not yet announced.

Byton, presenting his crossover at the Frankfurt Motor Show, said the company had already received 50,000 applications for the car. But most of them are from China. In addition to all the European customers listed, they will be tempted by the support of 5G networks, integration into Amazon Alexa and the driver’s face recognition system.


This is the mundane concept of a lunar vehicle in which Audi strives to imagine the future of its off-road cars to itself and the world. AI: TRAIL is already the fourth work of the company, developing the ideas of the whole Audi AI series, which Audi Aicon opened in 2017.

The new concept is driven by four electric motors, one for each wheel. The total power of such a power plant is 435 hp, and the torque is 737 Nm. There are no differentials, nor their locks. The electric all-wheel-drive system does without all of these glands.

Audi does not advertise the battery capacity but claims that this car can go on a single charge from 400 to 500 kilometers on asphalt or 250 kilometers on rough terrain. The maximum speed of the SUV is limited to 130 km / h.

Frankfurt Motor Show

The concept is built in a helicopter-style with maximum all-round visibility for the driver and passenger. The dashboard is practically absent. Its role is played by the driver’s smartphone, which is attached to the steering column, it displays the operation of all vehicle systems and acts as a navigator.

The length of the Audi AI: TRAIL is comparable to the Audi Q3 – 4.15 meters, width – 2.15 meters, and ground clearance of 34 centimeters. The developers claim that the car will be able to overcome the fording depth of half a meter.

The most fantastic concept idea is the complete absence of traditional headlamps. Instead, Audi AI: TRAIL uses drones with matrix LED elements. They can be put on the roof rack or sent into the air in front of the car, from where they will not only illuminate the road but also transfer the picture of the road to the screen of the smartphone.

Finally, it is worth showing one of the non-electric cars this show. THE FOLLOWING GENERATIONS OF THE M3 AND M4 WILL EXTERNALLY CHANGE EXTENDALLY.

The exterior of the new BMW M3 and BMW M4 will be dominated by an incredible radiator screen. According to BMW representatives in Munich, such a vertically oriented radiator screen “fits perfectly into the proportion of the front of the car.” Besides, it revives the glorious past of the brand. This refers to the legendary BMW 328 and BMW 3.0 CSi.

Frankfurt Motor Show

Near the screen, you can see the narrow and very aggressive laser headlights and air intakes of incredible size. But besides this, there is also a beautiful expressive profile of a sports car, 21-inch wheels, and narrow two-section rear-view mirrors.

In contrast to the controversial front end, the concept feed looks more relaxed. But it’s fresh and difficult. And the LED side lights along with the sculpted rear bumper only reinforce this impression.

It is already known that the new BMW M4 and M3 will receive the same in-line turbocharged gasoline sixes that are already used on the BMW X3 M and BMW X4 M with 480 power in the standard version and 503 in the sports version.

On all this “electric wave” in the car industry it is also worth speculating what problems this type of car may have.

Electric Vehicle Issues

With all due respect to advanced technologies, from the real point of view of an ordinary consumer, electric cars are far from perfect. But their development does not stop, and with the mass production of electric vehicles, technologies will begin to develop even faster.

Lithium-ion batteries – Due to the proliferation of mobile phones in the world, there will soon be a shortage of basic components for the production of these batteries. But if the battery of a personal mobile phone is a few grams of valuable raw materials, then the batteries of a personal car are already kilograms. Large deposits of lithium may still remain in Bolivia and Chile, and so it will end as quickly as oil.

With the advent of electric vehicles in widespread sales, the demand for finished automotive lithium-ion battery packs from auto companies may exceed the supply of battery manufacturers. Demand for lithium batteries could quadruple in the next ten years.

The cost of the battery of an electric car currently ranges from 25% to 50% of the total cost of an electric car. Batteries require ongoing maintenance and periodic replacement. Battery life is now estimated at five to seven years, after which they require replacement. One can only hope that with the start of mass production, battery prices will drop and their service life will increase.

So far, technologies and schemes for the disposal of batteries, which, theoretically, can be used to powerless energy-intensive devices than a car, have been developed. Not a single automaker has yet undertaken to replace old batteries with new ones.

Most electric vehicles use DC motors, which contain rare-earth magnetic alloys. All production of these components is concentrated in China, which, as a monopoly manufacturer with strong centralized management, can dictate the price of this product.

On the one hand, owners of electric vehicles can forget about the mandatory visit to gas stations, but now they have another concern – connecting the car to the appropriate outlet. Charging the car takes a huge amount of time, and now you need to think in advance not only the trip itself but also the duration of all the charges.

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