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New Problems for GPU Miners

Recently, various cryptocurrencies have gained unprecedented popularity. Along with this, of course, their course also grows. To date, for example, the bitcoin rate is $47264, and the ethereum rate is $1769.

To earn as much as possible, miners are actively looking for ways to both mine cryptocurrency and solve problems with the necessary equipment. This is how miners from China staged power outages in Tehran, Iran, where they mined bitcoins using less expensive electricity in that country. And new research has shown that the amount of electricity spent on bitcoin transactions is needed more than in some countries for a year. And there are no prerequisites that this number will decrease in the future.


Not so long ago, there were big problems with the availability of powerful video cards. Not only have the prices for them increased dramatically all over the world, so even those who are only interested in gaming began to miss them. As a result, a lot of gamers, as well as miners, faced a common problem.

But even here the guys from China found the optimal solution. Mining bitcoins today requires special ASIC chips, while mining Ethereum requires only a GPU processor. Why not use a video card, but a laptop?

Having bought quite powerful laptops with Geforce RTX series graphics cards, they connected them into a common network and began to use them as a classic farm with GPU. Yes, perhaps this is not the most efficient way of mining, but in such conditions of a shortage of video cards, it is quite excellent. True, cryptocurrency miners faced a cooling problem, so they had to line up laptops in fancy rows to optimize airflow.

But let’s see how beneficial it is

Many analysts say a $1,000 laptop can mine about 2.5 Ethereuma per year, which is $4,422. In China, a year of electricity use for such a laptop will cost $185. So in four months such a laptop will pay for itself and continue to be profitable. Of course, this is under the conditions that prices for laptops will not be raised, and the Etheriuma rate will not be lower. Similar calculations are suitable for a large number of devices, and how many are needed is up to you. Well, if you want to save on electricity, you can also go to the Chinese miners in Iran, although there is no guarantee that the disgruntled authorities will not kick them out soon.

Write your fu**ing article right now!

Do not forget that today, the speed and dynamics of changes in the rate of cryptocurrency are the most unpredictable. Thus, the bitcoin rate has grown significantly, thanks to the statements of Tesla about significant investments in support of bitcoin. Politics, statements of famous people, world trends, and much more can change everything significantly.

Therefore, if you want to become a part of the mining community, you need to be careful, analyze and monitor all news and forecasts related to cryptocurrency every day.

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