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Pandemic Genius? Bill Gates’ New Reality

Bill is one of two guys who made it. The whole valley is built on the “Let’s change the world” principle. Freaking Uber, a bunch of other startups are doing something that rather complements the reality that Gates and Jobs actually created. These dudes pushed progress quite hard. Today, Bill is back on the front pages.

They say he is building a new reality, so let’s check it out and see whether it’s legit or just shit.

Bill Gates never had a money issue; he was born in quite a wealthy family of corporate lawyer William Henry Gates II and member of directors board of the First Interstate Bank, Pacific Northwest Bell, and the national council of USWest, United Way, Mary Maxwell Gates.

Gates attended Seattle’s most privileged Lakeside school, where he was able to develop his programming skills on a school’s mini-computer. At thirteen, Bill developed his first program – the “Tic-Tac-Toe” game in a BASIC programming language.

At the age of 17, Gates founded Traf-O-Data. The company’s goal was to create traffic-reading meters and compiling reports for road engineers.
Meaning he was changing and improving the world already, when he was only 17 years old, back in 1972. And since 1975 Gates has been creating operating systems, quite a revolutionary thing as for those times on the verge of amazing achievements for humanity

By 1997, by the time when Microsoft was on the top of the world when he whole world was in great demand for operating systems while PC’s became really affordable and a bunch of people already had them at home, Bill and Melinda started a charity fund in order to continue solving the most important tasks for humanity.

And nowadays, while Elon is engaged in the front line, Bill took up the rear with a bunch of different problems. Namely healthcare.

“The measure of success is saved lives and healthy children,” says Gates. – This is slightly different from the goods sold and the profit made. But all this is easily measurable, you can set ambitious goals and observe whether you achieve them”.

It is remarkable what words Gates uses: “measure”, “measurable”, “goals.” Bill Gates allocated almost $6 billion for vaccination – to fight, among other things, measles, hepatitis B, rotavirus, and AIDS. This is part of the largest philanthropic project in human history.

Gates talks about the children he and his wife met in India and Africa, about their suffering and death. But when he begins to list the numbers, he begins to speak faster, the tone rises: “The vaccine is for 23 cents, and you will never have measles, which in the midst of epidemics killed about one and a half million people a year. Now mortality is below 300,000. ” Gates tells the world history of vaccines and prices down to the cent in one breath but stumbles on the name of one of his favorite heroes in vaccination history – John F Enders, the Nobel laureate – and on Joe Cohen, the main inventor of the new malaria vaccine, which he helped financing.

An unbelievable story: America’s richest man could be the World’s richest man (according to the latest Forbes rating, he is second only to Mexican telecommunications magnate Carlos Slim Helú) if he hadn’t given so much money in his prime (he is only 56 years old) to fight infectious disease. According to Gates, he will “be deeply disappointed” if he cannot reduce mortality by 80% over the next 25 years. If not, it means “we just do a poor job.”

But there is one thing here, how far are you ready to go in order to save tenth or even hundreds of billions of people over the next 100 years, or even all of the humanity, from extinction in the long run.

There is the problem of the White Man in Africa. After colonization and different “Mother Theresa’s” activities (whose actions are quite doubtful) in Africa, the number of people in regions with a low number of resources, in particular water, began to grow, which led to hunger, death from disease, all that stuff. Bill initially carried out propaganda activities to reduce the birth rate, but this had just a little effect. Therefore, he decided to go another way to limit the birth rate, namely, along with vaccinations, inject the substance, which makes a lot of girls sterile. It’s like with stray dogs so that in general people who are doomed to death and suffering would not be born, it is better to limit the birth rate.

Due to the Global Warming coming rapidly, it will obviously be difficult for humanity to get along on the earth, especially for people in warm regions.
And in the near future, they will begin to migrate to more comfortable places, as living in these regions will become impossible. Therefore, Bill with the help of vaccines continues to affect the number of people. This time it’s happening in Kenya.

Population-control vaccines have long been no fiction, but a necessity, without which tomorrow may never come.

Present Time

Bill Gates has repeatedly warned people that mankind could be wiped out by a deadly virus. But as we know, mankind does not take persuasion and warnings seriously.

Therefore, Bill decides to take quite a risky step. It was necessary to create a virus that is difficult to fight and has a high mortality rate, for those who die soon and would probably die from the usual flu, and, at the same time, it is not that scary to young people who are healthy. That’s quite easy for modern virology. So Bill did actually show the world that it was never ready for a pandemic. And the world started to think.

And in terms of the number of deaths, in a percent ratio, growth is practically less than 1% of the population, unlike the real threat, this is nothing. And if you count the number of saved lives, then these sacrifices were certainly worth it.

Next Bill will introduce mandatory vaccinations at the level that with no vaccination you can not visit those countries that are a part of the international conglomerate.
It is possible that some countries will have to implement and increase birth control measures. For example, do not give out aid until recommended measures are implemented at the state level.

The global population is increasing, and the speed of globalization is off the charts, and global warming and a limited amount of resources and viruses can lead to global catastrophes faster than we think. Therefore, it’s time to stop criticizing Bill’s methods, and be prepared for possibly not popular and inhuman methods, as it might seem at first, but effective in a strategic manner measures.

If you’ve read that far, you must know that this article has nothing to do with reality and created just to see how many people do not use their critical thinking (or their brains at all) and used to share and transmit any bullshit from the web. And of course, some of the data in this article is simply made up. We hope for your sense of humor and all the crap.

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