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Spotify Wrapped 2020: Personal Review

One of the largest streaming audio services, Spotify is famous for its impressive system for collecting and analyzing various statistical information. In addition to general market data, Spotify can generate analytical reports for each customer. This functionality is now available to subscribers as well.


Music streaming service Spotify has added a Wrapped section ‒ a personal summary of the outgoing year. There, users can find selections of their favorite tracks, artists, genres, and podcasts, find out what musical taste they have in 2020, see listening statistics and other interesting information. The Wrapped section appears on Spotify every year around the same time.

If earlier you had to look at the personal results of the year on a special website, then this year the Wrapped section is available in the application and opens in the form of “Stories”. 

So, what interesting and useful can you learn from the personal results of the year? In addition to a selection of their favorite songs, users also have access to a playlist of the 100 most listened tracks in 2020. Besides, Spotify will tell you when the most popular song was first featured and when it reached its maximum number of streams. It is also interesting to know how many new artists and genres were discovered this year, as well as how many hours the user spent listening to music and podcasts. So there will not be a question like “what music should I listen to right now?”.

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Also for the launch of Wrapped, the team of music editors has created a collection of playlists specifically for your country:

  • “The best musicians 2020: US (for example)”
  • “Top performers 2020:”
  • “Top performers 2020:”
  • “The best tracks 2020:”
  • “The best groups 2020:”
  • “Internet hits 2020:”
  • “Tracks that supported us in 2020”
  • “Hitmakers 2020”

Wrapped is a new feature for everyone

The Wrapped feature will be available to everyone, including those who are not registered in Spotify. They will be able to see only global trends in the service.

Moreover, polls appeared in Wrapped. Even now, you can try to guess which tracks, decades, and performers reached your top!

Statistics for the most listened song: first listen, last and tenth listens, and also, suddenly, the day you listened to it most often.

Depending on the activity on the platform, Spotify Premium subscribers may receive a User Badge:

  • Trendsetter ‒ your playlist has gathered subscribers.
  • Pioneer ‒ you listened to the song before it reached 50 thousand subscribers.
  • Collector ‒ you have added a number of songs to playlists this year.

Personalized Wrapped badges can be shared on social media.

Interestingly, the statistics in the application can be seen not only by listeners but also by performers ‒ the Wrapped Creator function has been launched for them. They will have access to their own Wrapped microsite and will be able to learn about audience preferences and see the analytics on listenings.

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