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The Ultimate Piece Of Gaming Chair

Have you been sitting at home for the last week or two due to a nationwide lockdown? If yes, do you feel an urge to get out there, have a walk through a park, go to a restaurant or go to see friends? Or have you been gaming your days away, not giving a damn about the shit hitting the fan across the world? If so, stay with us, bro, and you will learn about the new way to spend some quality time playing your favorite games. But consider yourself warned, your body and especially your back won’t like that.

There is this Japanese company called Bauhutte, which manufactures some sweet gaming furniture. And the good thing about their products is that the prices are quite reasonable as well, especially when you consider that they offer them in Japan. A basic gaming set-up would cost about $600. However, for this price, you would get not only a desk but also a chair and a floor mat for an ultimate gaming chair.

The first thing that came into my mind when I learned about their ultimate gaming chair: bastards want to capitalize on the most gamers’ weakness – laziness or complete inactivity. Despite so many health problems within our brethren, these guys from Bauhutte just want to make it even worse. But it was a hasty conclusion on my side. I went to their website, and the first product on their homepage was this standing desk accessory for your standard sitting desk. I love balance in all things in life, and they made me realize that they are giving you a choice. And, at the end of the day, it will be our brother-gamer, who will decide whether to play standing, sitting, or lying in bed.

Their top-shelf product is the ultimate gaming bed, which starts at a price of $1100. It would be essential to mention that you should only get this bеd if you can balance its negative impact on your body by getting a standing desk set-up along with it. I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure that using this bed will often lead to obesity and back problems. There would be probably other health problems that would come with lying in bed and gaming for many hours, but let’s not dwell on it. Instead, see how cool it is (and the ninja guy lying in it, it would not be the same without him).

ultimate gaming chair

This “bed boy” has everything: a bed, a desk with displays arms, side tables for snacks and gaming accessories, a phone holder and a red line all across the base. The only thing that might make a gamer get up from this bed and is missed from this set-up is a bathroom. But, gamers are a creative bunch, so I am sure they will think of something, at least for number 1.  Overall, some might consider the ultimate gaming bed or an ultimate gaming chair pretty amazing.

But I don’t want to sound like a fanboy, cause I am not. For the price of $1100, this bed sure has a lot of flaws. For example, the pillow on the bed looks awfully uncomfortable. Why in the world you would want a huge, square thing under your head, when we both know, we require an expensive, orthopedic pillow that will relieve us of our neck pain. See the pic above and ask yourself: have you ever tried snacking in a lying position? Well, I did, and it just doesn’t work. In this case, the back support provided by Bauhutte can be helpful. 

ultimate gaming chair

Nevertheless, looking down at the monitors is intolerable and it’s not about what’s healthy or not. After doing it for an hour or two, you will realize that it’s the worst possible position. Anyway, looking at the ninja model guy, the first thought is that he is some hardcore eSports athlete, competing in CS:GO tournaments or League of Legends World Championship in Japan or South Korea. But if you look closely, you will notice that he is holding a console controller and there is no proper space for a usual gamer’s arsenal – a mouse and a keyboard. I am definitely not a console hater as I own a PS4 Pro, and I love to casually enjoy some Sony exclusives on my couch in front of a 4K TV. I also find it offensive that this bed comes only in one size – single. In case you are living with your dream sexy gamer girl as if she exists, would this single-sized bed be a problem? Bauhutte knows that hot girls that also play games are a myth. And talking about girlfriends, mine would literally have left me, if I had brought this monstrosity into the house we dwell together.

This ultimate gaming bed may seem awesome at a first look but it is neither comfortable, practical, healthy, or, as a matter of fact, affordable. Stay safe, take care of yourself and game in usual places: a desk and a chair or a couch. 

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