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The Bloody Murder in Russia: the Police Found Woman’s Arms in a Historian’s Backpack

The news about bloody murder in Russia has spread all across the world. Police found a man with a woman’s arms in his backpack. It’s known that he was a candidate of historical sciences, who brutally murdered his student. It seems that this is the plot of a new horror movie, but no – the news is from the Russian Federation.    

In this story, absolutely every detail blows your mind from the news that the arms of a young girl were found in a backpack, to the fact that the murderer was an old and terrible professor who’s been having sex with her. It’s amazing how beauty voluntarily went to bed with him. Moreover, she loved him.

The terrifying case of Professor Oleg Sokolov

The Russian historian carried the hands of a graduate student in his backpack and kept her head in his apartment. Such a terrible love story. Oleg Sokolov admitted that he killed his former student and a beloved 24-year-old girl.

The man was caught when he tried to get rid of the body. The historian carried the girl in parts. When he was caught, only the victim’s arms and the gun were with him. A beautiful student’s head was found at the killer’s house the next morning.

It’s ridiculous, guys, that Sokolov’s lawyer dares to say that his client is so sorry that everything turned out that way. As if he is actively collaborating with the investigation. Well, you know, you just killed a girl, flipped out, and now regrets… What a circus! A creature that has acted so cruelly with a girl cannot have any human features. Such an act has no valid rationale and has no justification. 

It was normal for Oleg Sokolov to come to the lectures in a weird outfit. He is an expert in the Napoleonic wars and believed that dressing should be appropriate. Also, the man was an officer of the French Legion of Honour. They used to call him Sir, but he should’ve just been taken to a psychiatric hospital.

It turns out that a 24-year-old victim wasn’t the first student with whom the 63-year-old psychopath had sex. Sokolov managed to light up in a scandal with another beautiful girl. He was also her teacher. The student tried the police, but, unfortunately, the case didn’t reach the court.

He wanted to get rid of the body but got hypothermia

Oleg Sokolov was caught by the police at the Moyka River. The man was completely drunk and tried to drown a piece of his love and the weapon. The police were wildly surprised by the terrible find. Just an ordinary man fell into the lake, just hypothermia just drowns the backpack, and then, bam… arms in the backpack. This story will be recalled in decades. The professor became famous. True, he will be in prison for a long time, although this punishment doesn’t compare with the fact that the 24-year-old girl lost her life. The 63-year-old man managed to see the world, sleep with his young students, and, then, go to jail. What a busy and bright life! But the beautiful mistress broke up into small particles, in the literal sense… Victim’s mother is a representative of law enforcement agencies. She stated that she would conduct her investigation.

Details of the murder of Anastasia Yeshchenko

Nastya called her brother Sergey on the day of the murder. At nine o’clock in the evening, she said that Sokolov had beaten her. Sergey advised his sister to run away, but the girl decided to return to get her documents.   

Why didn’t Sergey start to panic? After Anastasia returned to the apartment, she called him and then assured him that everything was okay. The parents of the girl only after her death found out with whom she lived. They weren’t aware of her moving to a 63-year-old lover. The girl hid the novel for a long time, and when she decided to be frank, naturally, no one understood her. 

Relatives tried to convey to Nastya that she couldn’t have anything with a man who could be her grandfather. Surprisingly, Oleg was so charming that she didn’t listen to anyone. We remind you that Sokolov was the supervisor of a 24-year-old student. In the magistracy, Sokolov supervised her scientific work. Nastya said that she also liked him as a person. 

The victim’s mother didn’t know that the girl had moved to the historian. Otherwise, she would have taken her daughter from Sokolov a long time ago: “Nastya didn’t tell us that she had moved to his apartment because my position would be so strong. If I knew that she was there with him, then, believe me, I would have been in St. Petersburg a long time ago”.

Nastya took this relationship seriously, even tried to build good relationships with the children of her 63-year-old boyfriend. She condemned his ex, because she comes exclusively for money, and uses her children as a cover. That’s what we see, Nastya and Oleg had a complete paradise, and then he beat and killed her.

Why would he kill a 24-year-old roommate who loved him and even worshipped? But look at him, no matter how respectable he is, man is disgusting. The student has lived with Sokolov since January 2019.

Victim’s mother would ask only one question to the killer: “Why?” Galina Yeshchenko claims that he couldn’t take her child’s life because of infidelity. Anastasia was brought up correctly. She would never do that to a loved one.

Mother believes that he killed her because she wanted to leave him: “I think she was just tired of all his total control, so she told Sokolov that she was leaving. And our arrival could play a decisive role. “Maybe that’s why Nastya wanted to leave because she didn’t want to reveal all this to us.”

Sokolov claimed that he killed Nastya in the heat of anger. He demanded the most severe punishment for him. What a fucking actor! The investigation revealed that he shot his lover when she was sleeping. Sokolov shot her in the head four times. The gun had to be recharged 4 times, so there it’s not a crime of passion. The historian knew exactly what he wanted to do.

Well, guys, the most important thing to focus on: The person who committed the crime is responsible for the crime. It’s not the victim’s fault. 

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