TWIFT | DOTA 2 | Chinese fans are pissed off

Chinese fans are pissed off

There are a lot of illogical things in life and it’s cool, but in this story, they are way too many to cope with.

On the finals, ESL One Mumbai 2019 of Dota 2 Keen gaming beat the fuck out off Mineski with the score 3:0. Nevertheless, the winning certificate went to a player from the team that had lost (Jun Min Kim also know as Febby). How the hell does that happen?! No wonder the Chinese fans are shiting bricks.

 But that’s only the beginning, furthermore, the best gamer in the tournament was selected with voting where most counted voices came from Twitter users. Yeah, Twitter in China, legit (for those who don’t know Twitter is banned in China, so only people with VPN have the access). So basically the votes of the Chinese fans were flushed down the toilet.

The manager of Team Secret the cybersport organization, Matthew Bailey, says that now the Chinese social network Weibo fans are spamming of the phrase “Leaking Oil” under every ESL-related post. This phrase is connected to another Mercedes scandal, which took place not long ago in China. Local women bought the Mercedes car in an authorized dealer, but it turned out that the twat-dealers sold a defective car. Moreover, the realtor refused to compensate for the money. The video telling this story has more than 35K views.

Although maybe Mercedes didn’t make the decision to whom to give the winner certificate, they sure are losing hellalot of clients in China now.

Instant karma, bitch.

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