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How To Increase Your MMR In Dota 2

The topic about raising the MMR will always be relevant until it is pulled out of Dota 2 or replaced with something else.

In the meantime, we will again explain some small tips on how to raise your MMR in Dota 2.If you want to play with good players, and not those with whom you are now, and have an excellent rating, then read this article to the end, cause we have put in a lot of useful information.

Highlights in increasing solo MMR

If you have set a goal for yourself to raise the MMR solo, then you need to know how the rating matchmaking system works: if you win, instead of 25 MMR per match as before, for winning single games you will now get fixed 30 MMR, for group games ‒ 20 MMR. Thus, it turns out that you need to win more often than to lose, and then you need to figure out what to do and how to do this.

Choosing a hero to raise MMR in Dota 2

It is essential to understand that you must play better than those with whom you find yourself in ranked games, so often you will have to give up your favorite role and take a support or heroes to key positions where they are not present now.

Finding an adequate carry is easier than finding competent support. And the outcome of the game depends on the supports who do their best at the beginning of the game, but if the game drags on, then all the responsibility will lie on the shoulders of your teammates since the supports are not so strong at the late game. Therefore, try to do it efficiently, and if you are a good mid lane, then pick him, because it is easier to win the game with a mid lane than with a support nanny if you do everything in the same way.

mmr In dota 2

To understand which heroes in Dota 2 are currently in the meta, you just need to play a few rating games and watch professional games, and it will be clear which hero bends the best. But keep one thing in mind, as long as you teach one hero’s abilities and playstyle, he may be out of the meta by the time you learn to play him well. Therefore, you always need to have your pool of heroes for whom it will be pleasant and comfortable to play.

To do this, you need to refer to Dota 2 statistics ‒ Dotabuff.

Go to your Dotabuff profile.

Go to the Heroes and Highest Winrate tab.

Pick out those heroes on whom you have good stats (high win rate and KDA) with a sufficient number of games, and play them in ranked games.

Why is it better to do this and not just pick met heroes? By highlighting your best heroes in this way, you will find what works on your rating and suits your playstyle, saving you a lot of time and nerves.

Communication with teammates is the key to victory

Remember that competent communication with teammates and a friendly atmosphere is the key to success, which bears excellent results, so you do not need to start the game with the words “mid or feed.”

Sometimes the rudeness is encouraged by many popular streamers, as well as professional players such as Arteezy, who loves to blame his team for everything. All this is in your young head, and you don’t have to be rude so that this won’t be the main problem of this community.

Don’t tilt

Control your emotions. Don’t shout at your teammates; don’t blame them for anything. The main thing is to understand that most games can be won, even if Dota Plus gives 5% to win. If you cannot control yourself, mute your teammates, especially if they do not provide important information. Play your game and make sure you do everything to win.

We recommend sticking to the following plan:

  • Always share your thoughts with the team during the pick, what is better to take and what can be countered.
  • Provide teammates with the maximum amount of information (only useful, do not try to talk the whole game about anything).
  • Do not be arrogant or immoral because of a lack of vision or gank, as this will not benefit you and your team.

Analyze your games

Find at least one professional player who does not analyze his games. Even despite the result of the match, every professional player looks at what mistakes he made and why.

Most of the players trying to analyze their games on their own do not understand what they do wrong and cannot properly understand their mistakes. You can find enough videos on YouTube that tell you about a competent analysis of games, but even after watching all the videos, you will not get the proper experience. We recommend contacting players with high ratings, namely, ordering personal training with a booster on the websites. By ordering a match analysis, you will receive a detailed report of your game and experience how to analyze your games in the future. In addition, you can order a video analysis of the selected match, and then conduct a joint training session with the booster.

Watch replays of PRO games and streamers

mmr In dota 2

Look at the best and learn from them. Secret, Vici, Liquid. Watch how they play on the lane, how they fight, what artifacts they buy, and try to understand why they do it. Artifacts are very important. Maybe you will not immediately notice all the details, but try to understand.

Concentrate on one role

But be ready to play support. Pick one core role that you play best and play most of the games on it. Of course, if your team needs you to play a different role, you will have to adjust.

Understand that you are not the best

Most likely, you are not even as good as you think. If you are stuck on a rating for a long time, most likely, it was because you are not developing. Maybe you blame other players, and this is what prevents you from developing ‒ this is how you shift the responsibility for your game onto your teammates.

Ability to yield in Dota

To quickly raise your rating in Dota 2, you need to be able to concede positions and heroes to your teammates. For instance, if someone took mid lane with you, give it to him, and do not pick a hero with shouts, feed, or double mid, it will be complete nonsense since you will never achieve anything in this way. Just choose a different position and hero: carry or hardliner, for example, if you can’t get it, take support and do everything possible to win.

The correct farm in Dota

The main thing in core roles is to farm and farm, but we are not saying that you need to sit for the whole game, for example, in the forest without helping the team. You need to understand one thing that you must farm creeps quickly and correctly to buy the necessary items as soon as possible and help your team win mid or another lane. If you don’t, then you are wasting a lot of time, since other carries in the easy lane also farm and often kill the hardliner with the help of support. Keep this fact in mind.

However, if you still decide to get out of the forest and help the teammates, then always take TP with you, and keep an eye on the map where your enemies are, if there is a fight somewhere, then you can push the line quickly and leave, or, on the contrary, go to help.

Take breaks

Love the game, have fun in it, but If you don’t feel like playing, don’t play, if you don’t enjoy the process, you won’t win. It is the law of any game. Also, if you lose a couple of games in a row, take a break, tilt is not fiction.

Try to be happy, watch your mental health. Open the window, go outside, take the dog for a walk, spend time with your family, do some exercise ‒ clean your head. Don’t play ten games in a row. Use your time effectively and play mindfully.

To the end

mmr In dota 2

I ALWAYS play to the end in any situation, even if the whole team is against you, and the throne is burning for 100 HP. If you win a game in which the other would surrender, then you will not only earn an additional rating, you will also be on the wildest rise, and this rarely happens when playing solo ranked.

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