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Reddit User Created Dota 2 Version of Spotify Wrapped

The Spotify music streaming service, anticipating the end of 2019, has launched a website with personal statistics for all subscribers (free and premium).

There you will find out how much time you listened to music, your favorite genres, artists, and also tracks. You can compare your uniqueness with other users.

Statistics are available for viewing both in the browser version and directly from the mobile application in the story format.

Based on this shit, one Reddit user “Mythicize” created his own site with the same system, but for the game Dota 2. There you can see the most interesting statistics of your games over the past year.

Here is his post on Dota 2 published on Reddit about this program:

I got inspired by Spotify Wrapped and made a Dota version that shows your 2019 totals using OpenDota APIs:

All you need to do is to fill in your account ID, or login via Steam. For example, here’s Admiral Bulldog’s summary:

Thought it’d be cool to see a yearly summary in one image. Let me know if you’re facing any issues or have any feedback!

Plugging my twitter in case you guys have suggestions / ideas: @marquistan

EDIT: You may face 502 Gateway errors because of the reddit hug of death. Usually, a refresh or two works fine!

EDIT2: If you get NaN and your Dota profile is public, it means the server is overloaded too, just gotta try again!

EDIT3: Upgraded to a Premium API key, so no 502 requests now but I have to pay for it out of my own pocket. If you liked it and want to support me, you can donate at the bottom of the page. I would appreciate even the smallest amount to keep this running 🙂

Mythicize liked the idea of ​​Spotify Wrapped, and he decided to do the same for the r/Dota 2 community. He took different open-source programs for Dota statistics and made his program based on them.

In personal profile, you can see the main characteristics of Dota such as KDA, the most played heroes, top teammates and more. He gave an example of such statistics using the popular streamer and Alliance Dota legend Henrik “AdmiralBulldog” Ahnberg’s profile.

r/dota 2 dota 2 reddit

This site attracts with its simplicity. All you need is to copy your ID profile from Dota or Dotabuff and paste the link on the site. And all your statistics for 2019 will be available to you.

Many r/Dota 2 users got errors. But the reason is that a large number of players have their profiles closed. This is very easy to fix, just go to the options menu in the Dota 2 client and under Social in the Advanced Options menu you can tick Expose Public Match Data to get it working.

Since the program is very simple and should not be a “masterpiece”, there are also many bugs there. To those users who cannot see their profile picture, Mythicize simply advises continuing to refresh the page until everything works. There are a lot of bugs, but for a similar site, this is normal.

It’s really interesting to see our results for the year and we just have to thank this player for making such a small gift for the holidays.

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