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Hi everyone!

Advices impressions and lifehacks from travel blogger

My name is Natali and I’m a traveler. So stoked to share my experience with you here, on TWIFT, where I can be myself 😉   

I’ve already been to 18 countries (some of them I’ve visited for like 3-5 times).

I am the managing partner in the Girls Travel Solo project.

I am a copywriter who is interested in literature, architecture, film photography, and, surprise, neuroscience of the brain.

Two years ago I went for  #100eurotripchallenge, during that, I’ve covered 3 countries in 4 days spending money on food, transportation, overnights, etc., under 100 euros in total! I shit you not!

I do believe that journies makes us better human, more open, breaking our mental limits and I am 100% sure, you have to go on trips to feel yourself compete.    

Advices impressions and lifehacks from travel blogger

Here I’ll be sharing my experience while visiting some cool spots, giving you some lifehacks, useful info and other cool stuff.

Stay tuned for cool photos and videos!

Who is the travelers best bud? Passport? For sure! Your Credit Card with money on it? Damn right! But we are not talking about them today.

Today is all about the First Aid Kit.

If you are prone to different diseases, allergies or a regular guest of a crapper, suffering from migraines and all that shit, there’s a huge chance you’ll get some of those while traveling.

Do not bother trying to explain to the pharmacist what medicine you need using your body language (if you can’t speak his language, of course), just spend some cash on these things beforehand. Moreover, who knows, they might be pricy abroad. So be sure to take all you need in your First Aid Kit with you!

By the way, most of the drugs that we used to freely buy at any pharmacy,you might not be able to buy without a prescription. It is better to forget the beautician at home rather than a First Aid Kit. Although, most girls will disagree with me 😂

Speaking of pharmacists and emergency. On one of my trips, I needed an antimicrobial drug I didn’t take with me from home. The pharmacist didn’t speak any English and I knew nothing in Hungarian, couldn’t find any item that might look like what I needed at all, it was a dead end. What could I do in that case? Google it of course ;)I looked at the active ingredient of the drug I was looking for and found it in Latin (all pharmacists and doctors know Latin, right?). In the end – the pharmacy dude did get what I was looking for, victory! Though, he didn’t sell me a thing cuz I needed a prescription for it lol.

That is why I strongly recommend taking everything you need when going anywhere. You can’t bring everything with you, but, at least, some main stuff you can. Or else you’ll be fixing your headache, cough and diarrhea with an aspirin.

trip to cyprus
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