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What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy? What She Means and How to Respond

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy?

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy? What She Means and How to Respond

Couples have many funny ways to call each other. Girls, however, are more devoted to affectionate naming then men. “Daddy” is one of those names.

Sometimes you can feel like you speak different languages with your beloved person. And if you are not used to being called “Daddy” and never heard other couples do it before, this might come in a wee bit of a shock.

But don’t worry too much beforehand. In this article we are going to explain why it’s not all that bad, even on the contrary.

Why Does My Girlfriend Call Me Daddy?

So, what does it mean if she calls you daddy? When your girlfriend is overexcited, and her feelings run over the top she may use this expression to show you her deep affection. It does not necessarily come from a sexual perspective. It is more of an inner thing. Even in long-term relationships women sometimes resort to non-standard ways of showing men their love.

1. You’re a Dominant Person, Especially in Bed

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy? What She Means and How to Respond

Does it mean when she calls you daddy that she has some unresolved issues with her father? Of course not! If you are a dominant person by nature, subliminally your girl would absorb that and reflect your relations verbally. It is more connected to her inner child, which, in a psychological way, strives for the care of a more dominant partner.

2. She Wants to Be Submissive

Sometimes it is all the other way around. If a woman is emotionally more dominant than her partner, there comes a time when she wants to switch sides and feel like an insecure, dependent little girl. So, when it comes to sex with a strong and independent woman, don’t be surprised to hear “take me, daddy” eventually. 

3. You Remind Her of Her Father

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy? What She Means and How to Respond

What does it mean when a girl calls you daddy? Do you look that old? That is absolutely not true. Sometimes she can see some likeness between you and her father, and not necessarily in the looks. You may have behaved like him or said something that reminded her of some particular aspect of her youth. Such memories trigger strong emotions. Perhaps she is just fond of how you take care of her or provide for the family. Either way, this does not mean that she actually sees her father in you. So don’t act timidly. Embrace the fact and play along, developing it into something more fruitful.

4. She Likes to Watch P**n, and It Has Influenced Her

Not only men like watching porn. There are a lot of girls out there who find it inspiring and exciting. Daddy-expressions are very common in this sphere. So, don’t turn her away when she’s being inventive. After all, who knows what else she might have learned from those movies?

5. She’s Calling You “Daddy” as a Term of Endearment

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy? What She Means and How to Respond

How to respond when a girl calls you daddy? First look at the way she does it. It may come from a desire to express her feelings even more obviously than “I love you”. She wants you to know you make her feel secure and transmits her endearment in such a way. In this case “Daddy” is not much different from all other affectionate names you’ve been calling each other before.

6. She Knows You Hate It, and She’s Teasing You

If you are used to teasing each other and it’s a normal thing in your relationship, calling you “Daddy” may just be another way to tickle you emotionally. You don’t like it? Fine! Think of something of your own. Play this game as long as it takes and bring more fun into your life. Hit the search engine with “my girlfriend calls me daddy what do I call her?” or simply call her “Mom” in return. You can always find out how her parents used to call her, whatever she likes less.

7. It’s Her Preference

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy? What She Means and How to Respond

Why do women call men daddy? Maybe ‘cause they just like it. It is a great misunderstanding that if a girl calls you Daddy it is somehow strange. Trust us – it’s not.

More or less, it is the same as if you would call her ‘baby’. The nature of those names can be the same. Thereby she might just prefer using “Daddy” to underline the depth of her feelings. As well, it can just sound nice to her. So, no red flags here.

8. She Feels Safe With You

With a strong helpful man beside her your woman can feel secure and protected. This way she can relax, let you make all decisions and feel like a little girl. If she did not have any traumatic experiences with parents in her childhood, she most likely would be happy to feel the common feeling of security by your side. If you are a provider and a dominant protector, don’t act surprised when she calls you the ‘D’ word.

9. It Turns Her On

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy? What She Means and How to Respond

What if a girl calls you daddy during intimacy? It just fills her with more passion. Sometimes women get turned on with verbal interaction. One of such phrases may be “Daddy” alright.

Again, it can be connected with your dominance and strength, but in bed this time. She finds you hot and it triggers the feelings we already discussed above. Just play along, this will make your night more ardent.

10. She Thinks It Turns You On

And all the other way around – it may be an experiment from her side to check if you like it. A girl may think it turns you on, so she tries to make your experience with her more pleasant.

You don’t feel like you are OK with this? Just tell her gently. There is no point in adapting if you don’t like something, especially during sex. Don’t be afraid to talk in relationships.

11. You’re a Father

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy? What She Means and How to Respond

Why do girls say daddy to guys with kids? Well, the answer to that is in the question. Sometimes if you have kids or are a father in your family, a girl or wife will try to call you daddy. 

This way she subliminally wants to emphasize your role in the family and strengthen your position. Very often she will do it in front of the children as if reminding them who the head of the family is.

In any case, a woman with great feelings for her partner will choose to call him that.

12. She Finds You Attractive

My girlfriend calls me daddy, maybe it’s because she has a fetish of some sort – this might fly through your mind if it’s the first time you heard this expression. But the reality is far simpler.

She might be so committed to your relationship that wants to stress how handsome she thinks you look. Pet names are usually used as a way to expand the expression of affection. “Daddy” is no different. 

13. She Wants to Make You the King of Her Fantasy

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy? What She Means and How to Respond

We all have sexual fantasies and girls make them complex and romantic. By calling you daddy she might be trying to bring her cloud-castle into life. If you don’t feel any discomfort from that try playing up to her expectations. Become the strong mighty hero next to which she can relax and feel like a princess.

14. She Wants to Role-Play

A woman can be referring to you as her sugar-daddy actually, to add some steam to the intercourse. A role-play of a boss and a secretary, or a landlord and a housekeeper are the most wide-spread. Talk to her and find out what she likes to impersonate. This way you can add some value to the game.

15. She Wants to Remind You of Her Unconditional Love

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy? What She Means and How to Respond

“What does it mean when my girlfriend calls me daddy? I am not her father!” you say. Well, you may not be her actual father. She might not even see any resemblance. And still those things are connected in a good way. 

A daughter’s love for her father is something that comes naturally and is unconditional. So it means she loves you and wants you to know that she will be with you no matter what.

16. She’s Into BDSM

“Dominant Daddy/Little Girl” type of role playing is a kind of BDSM relationship. If it’s not your girlfriend’s first BDSM experience – she’s accustomed to such phrases during sex. On the other hand, it may sound far too strange for you. But don’t worry, it has nothing to do with her mental health. Scientists proved that a passion for BDSM experiences is absolutely normal and can even have a positive influence on the relationship in general.

17. She Loves Spending Time With You

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy? What She Means and How to Respond

You know one of those feelings when you want to grab your soulmate very tight and never let go? Well, that’s just what your girlfriend may feel when calling you daddy. It is a “Don’t go to work! Stay with me all day instead!” kind of a desperate cry, and the “daddy” part plays the role of the adhesive tape she wants to stick you with.

Is Calling Me Daddy a Red Flag?

She usually calls me daddy, but is it a bad thing? It all depends on how she feels about it, cause let’s agree – “daddy” is more of a girl thing to say. It is not necessarily bad or wrong, but you should find out more about her emotions if you feel weird.

She might be having some daddy issues, or raised without one, so is looking for someone to fill this gap. Of course, all of this is metaphorical. You don’t have to actually be her father. If you’re okay with providing some additional feeling of security – it’s fine. On the other hand, your girlfriend can be underlining her deep affection for you. 

Don’t walk away from the conversation. Only in the course of a calm thought-through discussion will the truth be out.

How Should I Respond When She Calls Me Daddy?

What Does It Mean When She Calls You Daddy? What She Means and How to Respond

If you are sure about the background for this expression, you might feel uneasy keeping silent after she says it. Awkward silence might push her back. So, consider providing her with assurance that you like being called that way, and that you understand her feelings. 

Mind the tone you use when responding. Some women are very sensitive about the way their men talk to them. She can shut herself up if you’re being passive-aggressive or too disrespectful. On the other hand if you reply calmly and with a smile, this can cheer her up and give her a positive impression.

What if She Calls Me Daddy and It Makes Me Uncomfortable?

As we were saying before – talk to her! The key to a happy relationship is to talk through everything you feel uncomfortable with. Pick a time and place to approach her about the “Daddy” issue. Play nicely and don’t be rude. Just be yourself and explain to her how it makes you feel. Together you can find an appropriate substitution for this phrase which will suit both.

Final Words

As you can see when your woman calls you daddy has a lot of sides. The majority of which are positive. If both of you are comfortable with this, it can lead to a development of your relationship and provide for a fruitful outcome. If not – well, you should deal with this together avoiding a quarrel.

Feeling uncomfortable while being called daddy is a pretty common thing. And all people are different. For some of us it is easy to come forward with their emotions, for others – not. If you’re stuck, try finding a family psychologist. Remember, when in need – always seek help if both of you want to save your feelings.

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