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A Rude Barista Ruined the Reputation of Starbucks

The barista in Oklahoma “Starbucks” flipped out and wrote “pig” on a cop coffee cup. Well, maybe it happens to everyone, right? Maybe a person has clear police officers’ phobia. He honestly expressed the attitude but this did not save his place at work and the brand from scandal. Also, people are outraged that baristas get their names wrong, instead of the female name Lyubov they can write Rudolph. 


Oklahoma Starbucks employee was fired for insulting a policeman. The dude could not stand his pain for the world’s imperfection and wrote “pig” to the policeman on his coffee cup. Well, at least he could choose another victim. It looks like a special kind of suicide. Also, he could come, hit him in the face and then just sit in jail. But the man chose a more sophisticated way to humiliate the representative of law enforcement officers.

Oklahoma “Starbucks”: rudeness hit below the belt

The Oklahoma cop, like all ordinary mortals, loves to drink aromatic coffee during the lunch break. His day really ruined the attitude of the Starbucks waiter. This coffee network is popular because of the brand and the delicious coffee. The price there is expensive for both the tourist and the local.

That’s why a client wants to get pleasure. But many began to complain about “Starbucks.” The coffee of the cop was spoiled by the word pig. Many waiters confuse the clients’ names, maybe intentionally. It’s still okay when they mixed Love with Rudolph, these are at least names (fuck what’s female and male), but a pig is already something personal.

The head of state police soon wrote about the outrageous incident. He said that insulting the police, defenders of the people is terrible and shameful! People should understand that their peace depends on policemen. Cops patrol the streets and watch for safety. 


The Starbucks chiefs called the incident absolutely unacceptable and apologized to the officer who had been humiliated and insulted. It is reported that the responsible one for this outrage was immediately fired for contempt of the client. However, the problem was not solved.

Starbucksfail or weird sense of humor 

Starbucks has a clear problem with people’s names. Coffee is expensive there, but people go with joy to light up next to the brand and take a photo with a coffee cup on Instagram. Customers sometimes are so bored with repeating a hundred times how the mother called so that John easily agrees to a glass with the name Anna.

In America, dissatisfied customers due to terrible barista’s mistakes began to post photos with mistakes under the Starbucksfail hashtag. There are even whole communities on social networks. Read the high points of these fucking stories:

“Pig” on a coffee cup (well, this is a hit after all);

“Rudolph” instead of “Lyubov” (maybe she had a specific mustache);

“Allomer”, instead of “Oliver”;

“Nora”, “Dora”, “Lora”, “Loren”, “Maura” instead of“ Laura”.

“Vagina”, instead of “Virginia”;

“Anus,” instead of “Anna Louise.”

In short, the mistakes for the expensive coffee are so big that you can go up to the barista and hit him with a chair.

Starbucks Coffee Prices:

Switzerland – $ 6.96;

Mexico – $ 6.07;

Oslo – $ 5.95;

Belgium – $ 5.90;

Germany – $ 5.28;

New Zealand – $ 5.28;

Hong Kong – $ 5.14;

U.S. – $ 5.08.

Does Starbucks CEO knows brand issues

It’s so sweet to read about how the general manager of the coffee network is reverent about Starbucks. He still keeps his special key about the building where he worked as a barista in 1982. This was the first Starbucks coffee shop on the Pike Plates market: “I really kept it on my chain as a symbol of responsibility for the network traditions created by many generations of its owners and partners before me. Since the opening in 1971, the interior of Starbucks coffee shop at Pike Place has not changed and the original company logo remained the same.

All those involved in Starbucks are devoted to it, so where do they look if more and more people leave the cafe without a good mood? Perhaps love has disappeared, and indifference has replaced it… or Rudolph.

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