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Anne Linnet: Danish singer told about her most important muse

The Danish rock legend Anne Linnet revealed the secrets of her personal life. The singer told how she met her sweetheart, who is 38 years younger than she is, by the way. Well, the fucking numbers are impressive! She is an experienced lady and knows how to pick up a young chick. As it’s said, love knows no age or bounds. No matter whether you’re a man or a woman. Read more about the amorous side of the legendary Anne Linnet.

65-year-old Anne Linnet preparing for a wedding. Her sweetheart is a 27-year law student Kathrine Kjær. It will be the second time for Anne Linnet to marry a younger woman.

Since 1970, Anne Linnet has been delighting her fans with good cool music. Danish singer and composer is the pride of his country. By the way, she has been popular already for decades! This woman has no special scopes. Anne doesn’t bother about her age, loves like she is still 17, creates and devotes herself utterly to the music and art. We remind you that she has released several solo albums and was a member of various bands. The recipe for her popularity is a big bright talent and a subtext in the lyrics about political and feminist issues. Her tracks are truly experimental. Not only rock music in her repertoires but also other tasty genres. So, her work and life are more interesting than any movie! Anne openly declares her bisexuality, she is not afraid of her demons. After all, what it’s important, guys, to be yourself in any situation. Damn happiness will always be with you!

The story of acquaintance with the future bride of Anne Linnet

Yes, it happens like this! Anne will soon be officially married to her darling. Well, she is somewhat younger than her, but she doesn’t care about age when it comes to love. Anne Linnet is already over 60, and her beloved is 27. They are already adult girls responsible for their desires. They want to live in a woman’s family, so it’s okay.

The name of Anne’s partner is Catherine. The singer met her at one of her concerts at the Royal Theater. She calls her the most special and unique person in the world. This is fucking cute, let’s draw a pink pony? By the way, their meeting couldn’t take place at all, because Catherine went to her concert just by a pure chance. She was persuaded by a friend to spend time together. Who could know, even her friend, that she would find a popular and cool woman there? This is how it happens!

After the concert of Anne Linnet, Catherine stood in the crowd of more than 50 people behind the stage. Anne immediately noticed her, oh, it was a real attraction. Catherine looked very impressive, we suppose. Only imagine how a woman should look like to pick up her at once! The singer said that everything became clear to her immediately when their eyes met. That night two ladies didn’t get a wink of sleep.

Well, they just looked at each other and rushed down to City Hall!

In March last year, Anne and Catherine were engaged, after a fucking good rest in the Maldives. Now, the sweet couple is planning a magnificent wedding. It will be a little unusual in the Christmas style. Fuck it, maybe they will invite Santa. True, Santa will be a bit in a right mess after seeing lesbians. He will say: “Well, now I’ve seen damn everything!”

Seriously though, the singer is planning a tour with church performances for Christmas. This holiday is warm, like a soft blanket on a fucking cold winter night. This is probably the best way to spend time with your loved one. They are already slowly setting up their living space. Recently, the chicks moved to an apartment of 174 square meters. They say that it has a great soul. Let’s hope they talk not about ghosts.

Once again down the aisle: Anne Linnet loves to exchange rings

Danish singer Anne Linnet is exchanging rings and taking a love oath not the first time. You know what they say: the first is given by an angel, the second by the devil, the third by God. Perhaps this is for the whole life and forever.

The star was married to a man named Holger Laumann. Then a second love Tessa Frank appeared in her life, well, it seems to be everything. The singer is also the mother of many children because while she was running around marriages, her children appeared in a fantastic way! An interesting fact is that the star doesn’t in any way demonstrate herself as a representative of the lesbians. All because she can present herself with a man. For her, it’s not so critical to be called so. Well, okay, we allow ourselves a little bit of this. Why not make noise when it comes to a cool rock star!

As for the relationship with Catherine, she may not be her last love, but in any case, let these young ladies take all the most beautiful moments from that honeymoon phase.

Love, have pretty much sex and don’t forget about LGBT parades. Most likely this is a really fucking awesome feeling because they couldn’t look away from each other after that fateful concert at the Royal Theater. If it were not about love, they would have killed each other, as they are still women. But they always say “yes” to their partner, and even on problematic days, they don’t take it out on their loved one. Good luck to you, “not lesbians”!

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