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Ban On Eating Cats And Dogs In China

Soon, some Chinese will stop eating cute cats and dogs. To end eating ‘babies’, a new law will come into force in Shenzhen on May 1. People hope to support the law throughout China at least in the coming years. People who eat cats and dogs fucked me up as if they had nothing more to eat in the world!

What are the reasons for the sharp changes in the heads of the Chinese? Inspiration or fear of creating a new virus? Why do some of them refuse to eat animals? How many dogs and cats have been already killed? 

Some Chinese claim they never ate dogs and cats, even had no desire to taste. Oh, yes. Then where do these figures come from ‒ 30 million animals eaten per year? What is the kind of those fat insatiable Chinese who so cold-bloodedly take the lives of dogs and cats? Thank God in Shenzhen, after so many years, common sense told them to ban this shit! Most likely, this is due to the coronavirus pandemic, which arose from the fact that someone likes to eat everything. By the way, the ban on eating cats and dogs appeared after the trade and consumption of wild animals were banned throughout China ‒ because of COVID-19 again.

No to Dogs and Cats in Chinese Cuisine!

Over the long years of consumption of the small human brothers, China has finally begun to introduce laws to ban the eating of dogs and cats. The truth is so far only one ‒ we wait for a chain reaction. Hope soon we will see no cats and dogs in Chinese cuisine.

How the fuck I can understand that you can kill these cute creatures, even eat them? They are very smart, faithful, beautiful… Moreover, we have an alternative to the meat of cats and dogs.

not dogs cats in chinese

The government of Shenzhen explained their decision regarding eating cats and dogs: “This ban meets the demand and spirit of human civilization.” Come on! Well, at least a ban was imposed. Now the rest of the Chinese would follow Shenzhen’s example.

Humane Society International praised the decision of the Chinese. The Organization for the Protection of Animals considers this step to be a turning point for the People’s Republic of China. A good beginning has been made in this regard. It’s clear that we need tough measures to stop eating dogs and cats, these endless deaths of dearest creatures.

Why Did the Chinese Eat Cats and Dogs? 

For fun? It’s known that people like to eat most cats and dogs in Korea, Vietnam, China. Of course, not everyone eats them, but we know facts. No matter how many prohibitions are imposed, it’s still difficult to stop the process there. Some don’t understand that dogs are our friends, not food. If you go on a trip there, it’s better to buy something from fast food and ask what kind of meat is there, otherwise make a note: “I ate a dog or cat this weekend in China”. 

Eating Dogs in China: Killing as a National Tradition 

We heard the news that the Chinese were protesting against eating cats and dogs, but, as we can see, according to the statistics on eating cats and dogs in China, things are too bad. They even have a summer solstice event in Yulin, which runs on June 21-30. A mandatory part of the program is eating dog meat. It’s hard to believe in horror like that. This shit happens in the modern civilized world. In just 10 days they devour 10-15 thousand dogs. Fucked-up city residents are sure that such meat will drive away from the heat of the summer months.

not dogs cats in chinese

Five years ago, a petition was prepared in the UK demanding this festival to be banned. 3 million signatures were collected. The Chinese government banned the bloody holiday for a while, but then resumed it because it was frightened by the accusations of sick Chinese citizens. The dog-eaters were indignant that the state was aiding European influence on the country. The event was resumed with one stupid argument: “The tradition is too national, and dogs are being killed humanely these days.” How can they be so fucking crazy? It would be nice to hold ceremonies for these people, telling them: “This is our national tradition, we’ll kill you humanely these days.”

As for humanity, it’s a complete lie because we see all the festival photos on the network where the joyful Chinese are sitting at the tables and watching how the dogs are being killed. Yulin Festival is a traditional place of a brutal massacre of thousands of dogs. It is believed that the greater the adrenaline rush, the tastier the meat. So, animals are brutally killed in front of each other. What a fucking world we live, guys.

Here is a comment by one of the tourists who was horrified leaving China, this is what she learned when talking with locals: “About three months before the festival, dogs are being prepared from all over China. Among them are many landlords who have collars. Animals are kept in warehouses, in sheds, industrial zones… Then they are loaded into cages for transporting chickens. On the eve of the festival, meat trucks flock to Yulin. One truck can have a thousand dogs and cats. This is not counting the fact that the so-called “delicate meat” is present on the menu of Chinese restaurants all year round.”

Not all Chinese eat dogs and cats, but still a lot. There are Chinese volunteers who save animals from a brutal death. But why, for so much time, this could not be completely stopped? Will the new law help push the stop? It’s a shame, but if the authorities are silent, then most likely they won’t change something. 

Eating Cats in China: The Horrors of Local Chinese Restaurants

News is no better about eating cats in China. Protests in many provinces in China made the whole world learn about the existence of cat dealers and restaurants offering cat meat. Many years this has been known, but, as we see, the law was adopted only in one city, and the rest of the Chinese continue to eat fur cuties.

not dogs cats in chinese

Truly barbaric methods of torturing animals are used in restaurants. They are brought to a state close to death and immersed in boiling water. It is believed that due to the huge amount of adrenaline in the blood of the animal before death, the meat becomes more tender and tasty. I would like to torture these cooks for the sake of justice. These Chinese have to be so fucked up!

The Killing of Bears in China: Cruelty Reached the Bears

The ban on eating cats and dogs in Shenzhen will be valid on May 1. Well, at least somewhere they won’t torment the kids and there will be no cats and dogs in Chinese cuisine. But simultaneously with this decision, China approved the use of bear bile for treating patients with coronavirus…

not dogs cats in chinese

Probably, now the bloodthirsty Chinese will switch to bear cubs. Judging by their cruelty and the habit of cooking alive pets, it’s so scary to think about how the bears will get through it… The society of human rights defenders is already shocked about the next crazy Chinese step.

It turns out that bear bile is a digestive fluid, it has long been (hundreds of years) illegally used in traditional Chinese medicine. There is no evidence that it’s effective against coronavirus! For animals, this process is painful, but of course the Chinese do not care that someone suffers. The representative of Animals Asia, Brian Diley, confirmed that there is no guarantee that the bile of the bears will save the world from the coronavirus, you need to look for other normal ways to fight COVID-19.

What Does the Killing of Animals Have to Do With COVID-19?

How did COVID-19 appear in China? The first infected people who tasted the local delicacy soup with bats were Chinese from Wuhan. Yeah, they didn’t taste like cats and dogs in Chinese cities but the bat is also too nice. 

According to a new study published in the China Science Bulletin, a virus found in humans has much in common with fruit bats. The Chinese Foreign Ministry, in turn, blames the American military for the version that fucked up the Chinese brutally kill animals. Well, yes, why admit that the problem came from their irresponsibility, from the fact that they encourage all this cruelty?! There are many conspiracy theories. Countries start attacking each other. But the fact remains: we could avoid many problems, and the world would become better if some Chinese and residents of other countries stopped eating and brutally killing at least cats and dogs. If to pay attention to the bat, they prepare them somehow strange. It’s like they’re thrown in boiling water alive. 

not dogs cats in chinese

A story about eating cats and dogs in Chinese cities is worse than a horror movie. This is real life, where for decades no one can stop the bloody killings of innocent animals! Moreover, the killings are really cruel. Don’t smell like humanity here, dudes.

Yes, any infection can come from China, for example, during the bloody festival in Yulin. Lovers of dog and cat meat are not confused by the fact that animals can be sick ‒ almost all cats and dogs are exhausted, infected with viruses and worms. They are kept in unsanitary conditions without any control by public services, so then the whole world faces the fucking consequences. Let’s not allow eating dogs and cats in Chinese cuisine!

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