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Career in RAW: How to Join Indian Secret Agency

The Research and Analysis Wing is the most reputable government agency in India. And this is one of the reasons why many men and women strive to get there to work. However, when it comes to defining the requirements for a candidate, problems begin.


But still, how to join RAW? In this article, you will find the answer to this question. However, keep in mind that since RAW is a highly classified structure, no one will post terms of employment on the first website they come across.


To make it easier for you to get an impression of what kind of people are needed in RAW, let’s turn to history. After Indian intelligence failed to identify the Chinese who were preparing to attack in October 1962, India was defeated in the border war with China. In this regard, there was an urgent need for a special agency that would deal with foreign intelligence. This is how the Research and Analysis Wing was born. In its early days, RAW focused on China and Pakistan. However, over almost 60 years of its existence, the agency’s influence has increased. It is RAW that is sometimes credited with India’s rise in international politics.        

Initially, RAW recruited specially trained officers from internal intelligence. They were recruited directly. Then, as the agency began to expand, the research wing began recruiting personnel from different Indian government departments: police, army, revenue service, diplomatic, and other administrative services. From 1983 to the present, RAW has recruited civilians right after university studies. That is, if you are still a student, then perhaps RAW is already looking closely at you.

How to join RAW?


RAW India recruitment 2021: requirements for candidates

As you already understood, the main selection criterion is education. It is on what qualifications you are getting or have already received that will primarily depend on whether you get a job or not. Any candidate must graduate from a university, preferably as prestigious as possible, to be able to apply for a RAW service. Proficiency in one or more foreign languages ​​will be a strong advantage over other candidates.

Besides, the following factors are also taken into account: your age, health status, intelligence, mental characteristics, purposefulness, political and moral attitudes, beliefs, marital status, having children, and much more. In many cases, your employment will depend on the experience and length of service in the previous job.

Depending on which RAW department you are aiming to get into, the importance of certain requirements may vary. That is, if you want to do analytical work, you must have first-class analytical skills, be able to quickly solve problems, find patterns, etc. ‒ the lives of many people can be influenced by the results of your work. If you want to enter the operational service, you may be presented with requirements for physical training, possession of weapons, martial arts, languages. Even your appearance can be a factor in where you are assigned.

Keep in mind that working in RAW is different from what is shown in spy films. As in many government agencies, intelligence service is full of routine work, often boring and monotonous. Career advancement is very slow and the amount of bureaucracy is very large. Your immediate superior is your king and god.

If you have a strong patriotic spirit, you might also be better off looking elsewhere. Excessive feelings for the homeland can be frustrating when you experience firsthand the disrespect for your hard work. No one will carry you in their arms: your job is just your job, and that’s it. However, if you are clear about what you are going for, you will love it.

How to apply for RAW? Examination and recruitment procedure


In general, to become a foreign intelligence officer, a candidate must complete a basic training course, an interview, and pass a special RAW exam, which includes several stages. In addition to the main test, there are special psychological tests and interviews with RAW employees. Get ready for the fact that you will always be tested and checked during the year as well. After completing all examinations, tests, and exams, the candidate can accept a job offer, or return to his usual life.


If you have not yet understood how to join RAW in India, don’t expect employers to find you, as many spy movies show. Start searching for information yourself. Treat your preparation like it is your first RAW assignment. Your decision to enter the intelligence service must be deliberate.

If you collect all the requirements for candidates, for their professional training, language skills, health, and everything else, you can get a person who could easily find a job in a prestigious international company or could open his own business and begin to flourish, regardless of everyone. Are you ready to take such a step? The answer is yours.

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