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Cars of the Future: Overview of Upcoming 2021-2026 Models

The future is now, and many automotive manufacturers have already started improving their designs. Finally, electric cars look like normal cars, and supercars are even better than ever. In this piece, we will take a look at the most intriguing upcoming usual and sports cars, from a luxurious Vanquish to a futuristic M4 and others. 

Get ready, and let’s make our journey to what awaits us in 2021-2026!

The 2021 Model You Might Haven’t Heard About

Lucid Air


American manufacturer Lucid Motors announced their new electric sedan Air ‒ it will be available for purchase this year. We’ll see this electric babe sold in the middle of 2021, and if you have $77.400 + tax, be ready to get yours!

Why so expensive? 480 horsepower and a 650 km range make it a brilliant choice even for large cities. You can even travel around Europe using this car!

If you want to own the most innovative and comfortable Air’s Dream Edition, save as much as $169.000. Sure, this trim will have not only luxury additions but also improved power and range.

This is the first and the last item for the list of 2021 upcoming sports cars, cause the most interesting models are planned for 2022-2025. Read on!

Most Anticipated Cars of 2022 

Aston Martin Vanquish


As usual, this car won’t be cheap and even simply expensive compared to upcoming sports cars. You’ll need to spend a fortune on it. The estimated price is $450.000, and we’ll know the exact one closer to late 2021. Indeed, people who can afford an Aston Martin care about money the least, we believe.

Their Vanquish, despite an old name, will be completely renewed. A mid-engine vehicle with manual transmission is something that some of us see in sweet dreams. Let’s wait until Aston Martin announces the price and more details about it!

Cadillac Escala


No, it’s not a typo, and this car is totally different from Escalade. 🙂 At last, Cadillac decided to update its lineup with a luxurious sedan, which we’ll see in early 2022. Its concepts were ready in 2016, however, the production will start only this year. At first, the CT6 platform was supposed to be the base for it, but recently we found out that it will be all-electric (as Lyriq). This masterpiece of design and power is going to cost around $200.000 when released. 

Chevrolet Corvette Z06


Our list of upcoming sports cars wouldn’t be full without Corvette. This vehicle is as powerful and great as luxury ones, and its estimated cost is much cheaper. Though not everyone will be able to afford to pay $75.000 for it.

The new V8 Chevy with 625 horsepower will be presented to us in the middle of 2021. We anticipate seeing not only this trim but also an even more powerful ZR1 and its electrified version.

Honda Civic and Honda Type RUpcoming

Finally, affordable cars are here! For the regular Civic coming to the market in early 2021, you would need to pay $22.000, and for a sporty Type R that will be released around this fall ‒ $38.000, still, these are estimated prices, not actual!

In this photo, you can see the prototype presented by the company in November, however, the differences will be minor. The vehicle will be equipped with 1.5- and 2.0-l engines, and later, we’ll see what will be there in Type R and Si. 

Hyundai Ioniq 5


Only a few weeks ago, Hyundai presented their nice-looking Ioniq 5EV. Soon we will witness the times when all-electric cars will look great, and not as the first generation of Leaf, Prius, etc. We all have been waiting until power will be combined with exceptional design like from iconic sci-fi movies.

Well, though this car won’t be very powerful, having only 168 horsepower, its range is quite good ‒ 480 kilometers per charge. Its price is not bad too, as the Ioniq 5 will probably cost $40.000, which is okay for an all-electric vehicle. Will see how much it will cost in the middle of 2021.

Infiniti Flagship EV


This Infinity is a great exemplar on the list of upcoming luxury and sports cars, as it combines the elements of both classes. It will be available in late 2021 for around $75.000. Would you like to have a test drive of this gorgeous electric car? We do! 😉

We don’t know all the details so far, still, we expect Infiniti to reveal the truth about their innovation soon! They say that this sedan won’t be fully electric and might be equipped with a 2.0-l VC Turbo, so we’ll see.

Kia EV6


Hyundai’s Ioniq will have a strong rival on the market, as another Korean manufacturer ‒ Kia ‒ is going to start producing their EV6. The first electric hatchback made by Kia will be stylish enough to draw people’s attention in the streets.

Sad but true, they haven’t yet revealed what’ll be inside this cutie. According to rumors, the price might be the same as Ioniq’s, who knows, maybe it will be so. In several months, we’ll find out that, as well as its range and performance. The premiere of this model for sale will take place in mid-2021.



Customers have just started getting their 2021 BMW M4, and there are already rumors that a CSL option may be presented soon. Should we get ready to meet an even more futuristic M4? Yes, without any doubt!

Not surprisingly, the vehicle might have a rear-wheel-drive, and that’s all the news we have about the M4.

A member of the Bimmer Post forum says in his message that production of the new futuristic M4 CSL may start in July 2022. Also, he claims that it may be a limited production, so keep up with the news to not miss the moment when you’ll be able to get one for yourself if you’re a BMW fan!

Mercedes-Benz SL-Class


Finally, the Mercedes SL-Class on our rating of upcoming sports cars! Unfortunately, we don’t know much about it, nevertheless, there will be definitely an updated design and several engine options. There are rumors that the car will be equipped at least with a high-powered hybrid ‒ 73e, and a basic 43 model.

We can forecast its price based on the current model’s one, so it might be $90.000 or so. More information is coming soon, and the renewed SL-Class itself will be released in late 2021.

Maserati MC20


One of the upcoming sports cars is Maserati, of course! They made the car beautiful and powerful, as usual, and even told everyone what will be inside this automobile.

The MC20 has a twin-turbo 3.0-l V6 with 621 horsepower and 729.4 Nm of torque, complemented with an 8-speed dual-clutch transmission. Less than three seconds (only 2.9) is needed to accelerate to 100 kph! Its maximum is 300+ kph. If you own one, you’ll need a runway instead of a road!

If you want to get one for your collection of luxury cars, be ready to prepare $210.000 before summer 2021!

Mercedes-Benz EQE


First of all, you might have noticed that there are no photos of many upcoming sports cars and we have only rendered images. So, the appearance of this electric sedan may change, and what it will be like, we’ll see only in late 2021 ‒ early 2022. The cost remains unknown as well, but the estimated price of the Mercedes-Benz EQE will be $65.000.

The good news is that Mercedes shared the information about the tech specs. The EQE will get 402 hp and 765 Nm of torque, as well as the range of 600 kilometers. Not bad for a sportier brother of E-Class, right?

Nissan 400Z


Iconic Z is the next item on the list of upcoming sports cars! We’ll be waiting for it till late 2021 and this gives us time to save $40.000 to buy this renewed and enhanced legend. 

We saw the concept last year. Now we hope that it will look just as it was presented, and inside the car, there will be at least a 3.0-l twin-turbocharged engine with 400 hp or even more! Though its design slightly reminds us of Mazda MX-5, we love its exterior and can’t wait to see this cutie live.

Tesla Roadster

UpcomingPeople have heavily discussed the Tesla Roadster, promised by Elon Musk. It’s not so long to wait ‒ by the end of this year, the manufacturer will show their electric supercar. 

According to their well-known CEO, customer models might be postponed to 2022. That’s even better for everyone, as we’ll have enough time to learn more about its specs and abilities, as well as to sell everything to afford the Roadster. Its price will be around $200.000.

Toyota 86


After Mercedes-Benz and Tesla, we didn’t expect to see something affordable on the list of upcoming sports cars. Fortunately, Toyota 86 is here to dispel our doubts! According to the forecasts, you’ll be able to buy Subaru BRZ’s rival (or rather twin-brother) for $27.000 in the middle of 2022.

As for the vehicle’s specs, they are likely to be similar to BRZ. 288 hp hidden in a 2.4-l engine, 250 Nm of torque, and 6-speed manual transmission will guarantee the driver lots of fun!

Toyota GR Corolla


Are there any Corolla fans? Yeah, earlier it used to be a boring everyday car for grannies. Now it’s a real joy (just like Honda Civic Type R)! We can only share some rumors about its specs, though. So, the GR Corolla with all-wheel-drive, turbo-engine, and 6-speed manual transmission can be a great alternative for the Toyota 86.

And we’re not joking! Let’s wait until Toyota tells us more about what will be inside this spicy hatchback, and decide which one to buy in early 2022. Its price can be around $30.000.

What Will Be There In 2023?

Genesis Essentia


So, let’s start the continuation of our rating of upcoming sports cars with this queen of fully electric cars. Why queen? Well, look how sophisticated the Essentia looks! It seems to have flown to us from the distant future, it is truly amazing! After seeing the price for the Tesla Roadster, we can breathe a sigh of relief, as the Genesis Essentia costs only $100.000. 😀 Of course, I’m joking, as I can afford only a Toyota 86 or something at a lower price.

We’ll be waiting for more details from the manufacturer, as the vehicle will see public roads already in early 2022. This means they will share its specs this year!

Hyundai RM20 N


Even those who think that Hyundai’s are cheap and somehow boring (it’s not true at all!) might fall in love with the RM20 N, which will be released in 2023. There are rumors that it will be available for purchasing already in 2022, but we won’t hurry up with conclusions.

This mid-engine hatchback will probably have a 2.0-l turbo-engine with 250 hp! Of course, the fun has its price, and the price for this car might be around $40.000.

Infiniti QS Inspiration


We can’t speak for everyone, but we’d like to get encouraged by this amazing QS Inspiration. If you do as well, you have to wait for the next year to discover the specs. It may be full-electric or hybrid, we are not aware yet.

Anyway, the QS Inspiration sedan will certainly receive a futuristic design with sophisticated shapes and refined details. Its debut is planned for 2022, and it will probably cost $75.000 or so. Not much for such an inspiring luxury car!

Mazda 6


Mazda does not violate good traditions and looks very similar to the previous versions, although differs from them. Taking only the best from its predecessors, this model represents the premium sedan segment. Now, the Mazda 6 will get an I6 engine and a rear-wheel-drive platform. So, driving it will differ from driving previous versions. Expect it to be even more fun!

Write your fu**ing article right now!

These are only rumors and Mazda is going to uncover the new vehicle only next year. Also, people say that its price will be as high as $35.000, which is affordable for most drivers. Not bad!

Porsche 911 Hybrid


The last representative of upcoming sports cars is the 911 Hybrid. This list wouldn’t be complete without the Porsche we all love! The manufacturer promises that this babe will have the highest performance out of all 911s ever. Sounds pretty fascinating for people who are ready to pay for the car $150.000 or more (the exact price will be known in mid-2022).

According to what people say, this sports car might be similar to the Panamera hybrid. It means that 700 hp is not the limit for Porsche! The debut is planned for this year or early next year. 

Finally, Cars Planned to Debut in 2025

Yes, you’re right, we skipped 2024, as there are only a few forecasts for this year and they are not as exciting as 2025 ones.

Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger


Missing American muscle? Here it is, and two cars at once ‒ our favorite Charger and Challenger. Sorry, Chevy Camaro! 🙂 It’s clear that their look will be different from what you can see in the image, as Dodge hasn’t yet revealed their plans for 2024-2025.

We can assume that they might electrify these cars, however, we can’t be sure what will power them. We’ll see in a few years! They say the price can be around $30.000, which is great news for everyone, as this is very affordable! 

Cadillac Celestiq


In 2021, Cadillac announced the production of an all-electric flagship sedan called Celestiq. They revealed that every model will be hand-built and use the Ultium battery. The debut of the concept will take place in 2022, so we can only guess what it will look like. The picture is not the actual photo but only an assumption.

As for the price, it might be around $200.000 or even higher, considering the complexity of production.

Lamborghini Sedan


We’ll finish our list of upcoming sports cars with a luxury Lambo Sedan. We know practically nothing about it, except for the fact that Lamborghini has a four-door car in their distant plans.

Although this car can leave as a concept forever, we have our fingers crossed that this will happen someday. Considering the introduction of their SUV not so long ago, everything is possible. We can now only guess what will be inside ‒ V8 or V12, but in any case, we believe it will be exceptionally powerful. And expensive. We even have no idea what the price will be. 🙂 Until nothing is confirmed, we can only dream about a sedan from Lambo!

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